Dynamics CRM On Premise Maintenance Jobs!

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Ricky Safford Development Repository

Please remember to reschedule these maintenance jobs after the installation of CRM is completed.

Maintenance Job Name Purpose Default Frequency/ Recommendation
Deletion Service The deletion service maintenance operation now cleans up subscription tracking records for deleted metadata objects as they expire.

If Outlook does not sync for 90 days, the job will remove the subscription with CRM.

Cleanup POA records. Un-sharing of record(s) do not remove the records in the POA table, it will stay there for 90 days and it will clean up by the deletion job.

Cleanup failed/stuck workflows for the record(s) synchronize with Outlook.

By default, the job executes every 24 hours, reschedule the job to run at non-peak hours. E.g. 11:00PM at night
Indexing Management Validates that system-managed indexes exist for all entities and recreates any missing indexes.

This is more for CRM Online and only impacts us during configuration of the solution. It automatically creates…

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