Error “The import of solution: Case Failed” while importing solution in Dynamics 365 CRM resolved

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We were getting an error while importing a solution that contains a newly added case form. We had two CRM environments, one for development and one for testing. We created new form for Case entity in the development environment and when we tried to move that to the testing environment, we were getting the below error.

importing solution

When we checked the error in the downloaded log file, the error was as following:
“Cannot add a Root Component d2ce5f2a-0bf7-488e-b48d-1da13c493dad of type 60 because it is not in the target system.”


After some troubleshooting, we figured out the solution for this issue. When we export the solution from the development environment, at that time unmodified=”1″ property is added for newly created form in the exported solution. To verify this, extract the exported solution package and search the customizations.xml file for the FormXml node in question and verify the unmodified attribute.

unmodified attribute

To resolve this issue, the form must have active customizations for it to be exported without the unmodified=1 attribute. When we removed the unmodified=1 attribute from customizations.xml and imported the solution once again, it successfully imported and newly created form got added in the testing environment.


You can import the solution that contains newly added case form.

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