Why Manufacturing Businesses Should Opt For Microgrids

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Running a manufacturing firm is a tad more challenging as compared to operating sales-focused businesses. You have to make sure that your plant is never out of operation. Even a few minutes of downtime can translate into massive losses, as your machinery and workers go idle, and you may even fall short of the production targets. So you need to be extra conscious about the consistency, reliability, and resilience of your power systems.

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Thankfully, commercial microgrids have you covered on these fronts and also serve several other benefits. Essentially, the technology detaches from the main power supply and acts as an island in the event of a power blackout. Further, it assimilates and manages distributed generation to create a more reliable system. Here are some reasons why manufacturing businesses should opt for them.

Improves reliability

Electric reliability is vital for manufacturing plants, and it is perhaps the most significant benefit that microgrids offer. They address the concern of power outages effectively by keeping it flowing at all times. They disconnect from the central grid when it fails and switch over to generators to keep your plant and machinery up and running until power is restored. So you can rest assured that a reliable solution is right there to keep the operations up and running.

Enhances resilience

Resilience matters as much as reliability for manufacturing units, and microgrids have you covered on this front as well. Resilience prevents outages in the first place, and even if they do happen, you can expect a quick recovery to get things back on track. Moreover, you can have the solution programmed to provide emergency supply of power only for critical services within your facility. It means that your plant is never down and out completely. If some parts of the operations shouldn’t ever stop, they wouldn’t stop!

Lowers energy costs

Energy is one of the major expenses for plants and units, and owners are always looking out for solutions that can curb it. Microgrids can go a long way in lowering costs by managing the energy supply efficiently. They can also generate economic benefit for the business by getting federal production tax credits through participation in government clean energy programs. You may end up saving a lot without compromising the reliability of the power supply.

Encourages sustainability

Sustainability is an emerging trend in the business landscape today. If you aim to do your bit for the environment, switching to a microgrid is a great way to encourage sustainability. It supports the clean energy goals by conserving energy and reducing the environmental impact of power generation. Further, it integrates renewable sources such as wind, solar, fuel cells, and energy storage technologies into the energy mix intelligently. While you get a continuous supply of power for your plant, the environmental impact of your business is still minimal.

Microgrids have massive potential when it comes to bolstering manufacturing units and keeping them up and running. They give you the confidence that your power will never be out, so there is never any apprehension about operational disruption.