Top applications to boost your writing

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a new beginner or an expert. Writing is currently easy, making most people are shifting their hobby to writing. Several applications make writing an easy task. With the application, you can easily write, edit your work or get essay writing help within a very limited time.

With technology, some individuals have managed to build their skills into a great writing career. Several applications enable you to write an essay and convert a speech into writing. The applications have made my writing career successful and productive.

Here are some of the top writing applications that you may need for your writing activities. They will make you write fast and improve your over writing skills.


The draft is the best writing application that you may need on your computer. The application works as a digital notepad. With the application, you can organize your work, export it to other applications, and tag your notes.

The application is only available for the IOS.

Application special features

It has an extra set of the widget and a better-shared extension options.

The application provides users with an automation feature that is enhanced.

The application allows customization of theme, app icon, among other set of things.

Quip application

Quip application is the best application that you can use in taking notes or writing an elaborate document. The application is available for the PC and Mac. You can also carry this application in your android IOS. The application can also enable the uses to use plagiarism to check the authenticity of their work.

Features of the Quip writing application

It has a spreadsheet with full features and can support not less than 400 functions.

The application has an integration of the messages and real-time chart.

It gives the convenience of organizing the task list for a home.


Jotterpad application allows the user to export their documents to DOC or PDF on their computer. Some individuals consider this type of application appropriate for their computer. The application is free to use, but upon payment, you unlock more features.

Application features

It has a built-in dictionary that enables the user to search for words when writing.

It has a feature that allows its connection with dropbox and google drive to enable offline writing.


Editorial is among the best applications for professionals. It is commonly thought to be the application for the android phone. The app is user friendly. It allows you to synchronize with the dropbox account. It is available for the IOS.

Application features

The application has a built-in browser future.

Its extended keyboard is having a design for specifically writing markdown.

Day one journal application

The application is unique and enables the user to keep their daily journals. The application enables you to find the notes you took from your previous speech easily.

The application features

It has special features for ultra-security.

Has options for using tags in finding the daily journals with ease


It is easy to write your work with the writing tools available for your mobile on your computer applications. Make good use of the above writing application and experience quick writing.