Infor SyteLine Solves Common Problems in High-Tech and Electronics Manufacturing

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InforSyteLineSolvesCommonProblemsinHTEManufacturingFour Issues Facing Modern High-Tech and Electronics Manufacturers

Modern high-tech and electronics (HTE) manufacturers face many pressures to maintain optimal levels of efficiency and precision. And the multitude of challenges that HTE manufacturers face make it more and more challenging to stay agile and maintain a competitive advantage. That’s why we recommend a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that will not only solves common HTE pain points but also achieves ROI. SyteLine is the solution.

SyteLine is a complete solution that delivers contract management capabilities from customer proposal to after-market service needs while meeting all requirements for HTE manufacturers. From production to project management and project costing, SyteLine supports the multiple sectors of HTE manufacturing.

Outlined below, we explain how SyteLine solves four common HTE problems.

1. Operational Complexity 

Oftentimes, manufacturers in the HTE industry struggle to implement integrated ERP for contract management, manufacturing, procurement, finance, and product/service lifecycle needs that meet the unique industry requirements for compliance, cost accounting, and oversight.

SyteLine reduces operational complexity in several ways. By enabling multi-site planning and global work through a holistic view of capacity and demand with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, HTE manufacturers can ensure they meet compliance regulations around the globe. Further, SyteLine facilitates quality and compliance by monitoring essential metrics and ensuring employees and customers while avoiding regulatory penalties.

Additionally, SyteLine supports mixed-mode manufacturing and manages complex BOMs by automatically generating them from the configurator.

2. Supply Chain Complexity

Supply chain complexity in the HTE manufacturing industry is quickly growing due to customer expectations for shorter order cycle times and demand for innovation and personalization. Thus, manufacturers are experiencing limited visibility into the supply chain and deficient data sharing.

To combat supply chain complexity, SyteLine provides you with access to supplier networks to communicate more effectively and order more efficiently to achieve not only better prices but also full visibility. SyteLine is a robust solution that allows its users to retain control by accessing full end-to-end tracking, visibility, and control of configurations. Thus, streamlining supply chain execution.

3. Scheduling and Cost Management

Scheduling and capacity issues remain one of the largest issues for HTE manufacturers. From a scheduling perspective, managing the balance between large and small orders on top of managing the supply and demand balance create complexities. Plus, managing costs and capital is one of the largest areas of opportunity in this industry; frequent changes in demand and lack of visibility make managing and tracking costs challenging.

In this way, SyteLine delivers data-driven analytics alerts that provide you with a better understanding of how changes impact cost, inventory, production schedules, cycle times, and quality across disciplines, partners, and the product lifestyle. Not to mention, users have access to intelligent dispatch options and preventative maintenance which optimizes service resources and reduces costs.

4. Product Innovation and Personalization

HTE manufacturers often struggle with the constant demand for customization and frequent product obsolescence, resulting in inefficiencies in design, quality concerns, regulatory concerns, document control inefficiencies, and more. SyteLine addresses modern competitive demands by supporting new business models. By turning cost centers into profit centers with embedded analytics and support new service, rental, and pay-by-consumption models operationally, you can use SyteLine to mitigate product innovation and personalization concerns.

Wrap Up

Through SyteLine, Infor’s cloud-based ERP software, your company can streamline production planning, scheduling, and develop an innovative environment more efficiently. This agile software gives you the power to adapt to fast-changing customer needs, ultimately advancing your bottom line and improving product quality.

Datix recognizes the challenges of the High-Tech and Electronics manufacturing industry. And we recognize the importance of making a smooth transition through the functionality and development of new software. Our proven implementation process ensures SyteLine will work for your organization as intended. We will work cohesively with your company from start to finish to ensure your organization unlocks the full potential of Infor SyteLine for High-Tech and Electronics manufacturing.

To learn more about SyteLine or Datix’s other exciting software solutions, contact us today!