Transform Your Business into a Manufacturing Powerhouse with Infor SyteLine

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TransformYourBusinessIntoaManufacturingPowerhousewithSyteLineImprove Business Processes with SyteLine

As the global market continues to evolve, manufacturing and distribution competition has grown fierce. Manufacturers must be agile to improve time to market (TTM) with an exceptional supply and demand balance. No matter how complex their supply chain, manufacturers are required to respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory, and cut costs. Even more importantly, your customers expect what you promised when you promised it.

Infor delivers unparalleled flexibility coupled with industry-specific ERP solutions. To help your manufacturing or distribution business drive constant innovation, Infor’s business applications are specialized by industry and enable a global supply chain, networked analytics, and an artificial-intelligence led user experience.

To keep up in this complex market, SyteLine can help manufacturers and distributors meet those demands and improve productivity–both in the office and on the shop floor. SyteLine is an end-to-end ERP solution that includes predictive analytics, collaboration, lean production tools, and integration options. With this software, you can increase customer service, improve production and quality, and collaborate more effectively!

Materials and Inventory Management

To make the best products at the best price, manufacturers and distributors must be able to keep track of inventories in multiple locations and easily find the best price for the materials they need. Otherwise, they run the risk of overpaying for inventory and losing money.

SyteLine makes the sourcing process simple. You can easily locate, reserve, and buy supplies and materials from multiple locations, vendors, customers, and company sites. The ERP system also gives you immediate visibility into accurate raw materials inventory in any warehouse, plant, or suppliers’ warehouses and allows you to transfer or order materials quickly in response to production needs. Thus, allowing you to easily place and plan orders for the best materials while staying within budget.

Cohesive Solutions

Strong enterprise-level performance depends on streamlined processes. When different members of your team are creating countless spreadsheets and using other methods to keep records, information cannot be easily consolidated. Employees often need to send email after email to acquire access to crucial figures. This practice of storing and creating data sets on separate systems creates departmental silos, decreasing collaboration, efficiency, and insight.

SyteLine builds a cohesive solution that synchronizes supply, demand, and fulfillment to power end-to-end efficiency. It connects a variety of modules—inventory management, financial management, supply chain management, and more—to improve transparency and accountability. This eliminates information and departmental silos, communication breakdowns, and disjointed operations. SyteLine acts as a central hub for all your back-end data and operations, helping your business run smoothly.

Improved Customer Experience

If customers have a positive experience, they are likely to come back and give your business a positive recommendation; however, failing to meet their expectations results in lost profits. For distributors and manufacturers, this means easily meeting customers’ changing demands and providing them with timely service is required to build and maintain strong relationships.

SyteLine improves the entire process of managing customer relationships at the lowest total cost of ownership. The software allows you to quickly provide quotes that include details of customer-specific product configuration and pricing. For example, Infor CPQ (configure, price, quote) delivers industry-specific capabilities that enable global business, networked analytics, and a visual user experience that can be augmented by AI. And before a quote is given or an order is committed, the custom or configured product is checked against supply, production, and engineering resource availability, ensuring the product meets the customer’s needs and can be made on time.

Additionally, the software is equipped with an order management functionality that lets you quickly create quotes with accurate product configuration and pricing, instantly access and commit product availability, and turn quotes into orders at the press of a button. While closed-loop interactions with customers facilitate the completion of follow-up tasks as promised, instant order validation guards against invalid configurations or pricing errors that could create delays.

Plus, on-the-spot order promising commits and aligns production schedules to meet customer deadlines rather than forcing customers to accept options that don’t meet their needs and risk losing their business.

Wrap Up

To rise to the top and become the best in your industry, your business must take advantage of the best technology. SyteLine provides innovative solutions to streamline operations and boost efficiency!

However, enterprise software implementation is complex. In this way, Datix can help! Datix is a certified Infor partner with over 20 years of experience implementing ERP software solutions. Our vast industry knowledge coupled with our dedication to implementing software that improves our clients’ business processes deliver unmated implementation success. Not to mention, we are dedicated to helping you transform your business with software and provide you with a seamless Infor implementation, so we are there from start to finish in your implementation project.

To learn more about SyteLine or our other exciting software solutions, contact Datix today!