Now interact with your team using Sage CRM through the new ZOOM meeting integration feature.

COVID-19 crisis caught every industry by surprise and brought the momentum of daily life worldwide to a standstill. Millions of businesses faced a nightmare scenario for maintaining their customer relationship management, whereas some companies focused on adapting new ways to manage customer relationships and social distancing norms. In other words, COVID-19 has wholly reshaped customer service and is also forcing companies to rethink their customer relationship strategies

Even before the pandemic, companies practiced remote work and used online meeting sessions to interact with the customers. Online training sessions, connecting to people situated at different locations for a single session, presentations, Videoconferencing, etc., are significant aspects of remote working. And they helped businesses to manage and control critical functions in pandemic times.

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Sage CRM software has always focussed on offering salespeople with the most prominent ability to work with ease when it comes to customer management. Keeping in mind the remote working aspects, Sage CRM now allows users to access or manage their online meetings with the Zoom Meeting Integration, thereby reducing the pain of switching between multiple systems. 

Key Benefits –

  • Grouping the Customers/Attendees data available in CRM – Need to send Zoom meeting invite to the Customers recorded/available in CRM? You can now easily do that by grouping the Customers (Attendees) in Sage CRM with the entity search screen. With the help of the search screen, you can group the customers based on various criteria such as Location, Source, recently added customers, etc.
  • Easy format to schedule the meeting – Scheduling a zoom meeting from CRM can be done in a few clicks. A simple meeting scheduler helps to input the meeting details such as Subject, Date, Time, and the Attendees’ selection, thereby reducing the time consumption.
  • Real-time sync from Sage CRM to Zoom – Real-time synchronization prevents the creation of duplicate records in the system. This reduces double-handling and could prevent overlapping teams from contacting customers excessively.
  • Scheduling / Updating / Deleting Zoom meeting in a single click from Sage CRM.
  • Send Zoom Meeting Info via Email – Users can send the Zoom meeting invites from and within Sage CRM just with the help of one click.
  • Enjoy a seamless meeting experience – Schedule or start instant online meetings with screen sharing from Sage CRM and no more switching back and forth between applications.
  • Launch Zoom Meetings within Sage CRM – Users can conveniently launch Zoom meetings without leaving Sage CRM.
  • Zoom Meeting Reminders on your CRM Calendar – Get the Zoom Meeting records listed out on your CRM calendar, helping you to plan your day accordingly. Sage CRM Reminders for the Zoom Meetings helps you to stay updated.


Thus, Zoom Meeting Integration with Sage CRM helps boost sales productivity by managing, scheduling, and storing information directly in CRM Communications; making it more reliable and easier for the Salespeople.

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