App Profiles to Manage User Privileges for Customer Service Workspace

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App Profiles is a new concept introduced with Customer Service workspace to manage app behavior for users.

Traditionally this has been something that was managed by introducing specific privileges for the same in the Security Role. For example, the ability to control editing of price on Sales documents like quote/order/invoice could be determined by the settings for these in the assigned security roles.

miscellaneous privileges

App Profiles as I understand, seems to be an implementation of the above design. You can control user experiences for the APP by configuring the settings made available for the app. Similar to security roles, you can create APP Profiles, these app profiles can be then assigned to users.

With Customer Service workspace, the following privileges and settings have been exposed.

Productivity Pane

productivity pane

By configuring these settings, you can define the options that are available to the users when using this app. If you would like to disable the productivity pane for a group of users, or perhaps just control the options that are available under productivity pane, you could configure the experience by settings these options appropriately.

Session Templates

You can also design the session experience for your users. Say with every session that is initiated by clicking a case record, if you would like additional tabs to be provisioned automatically, you can design your own session template.

session template

With a session template, you can define the primary/anchor tab entity details, additional tab details as well as expose any agent scripts for that particular session.


The list of data that could be displayed as Additional tabs is available here.

At the time of writing the blog, there is no option to pass dynamic values as parameter values for the additional tabs.

Looking at the framework of APP Profiles, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the same design is extended for other first party apps in future.