Stevanato Group adds Microsoft mixed reality solutions to pharma packaging operations

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Stevanato Group, a manufacturer of glass and plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical industry based in Italy and with 14 production plants in 9 countries, announced they have broadened their Microsoft cloud investment with new mixed reality tech for their manufacturing and quality programs.  

The packaging company, which plays a prominent role in the pharma supply chain for COVID-19-related drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines, has deployed both the pre-packaged solution Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and other HoloLens 2-based applications alongside data management, CRM, AI, and other Microsoft cloud services. 

Stevanato Group have instituted two key mixed reality use cases, both aimed at accelerating remote acceptance of their equipment. They have introduced a Virtual Audit plan that relies on Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Microsoft’s pre-built application that works with HoloLens 2 to allow a remote worker to communicate and collaborate with another person doing work on-site with equipment or goods. For Stevanato, Remote Assist serves to allow customers working remotely to observe and verify production processes for quality purposes. In the company’s words: