Inogic Year 2020 at a Glance – New App Acquisitions, Launches & Releases – Another Year of Wonderful Association with our Dynamics 365 CRM Friends!

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Year 2020 took us on a roller coaster ride testing our strength and weakness each passing day. Now bearing in mind the lessons we have learned and the strength we have discovered, it’s time to bid farewell to the year 2020 and welcome 2021 with zest and enthusiasm. So far, the journey has been tough with a constant battle against unforeseen situations and drawbacks. But in the end, it was bearable because of YOU – our Dynamics & Power Apps friends!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your undivided support and encouragement which has helped us achieve many milestones in this exceptional year.

So before saying adieu to this unusual year let’s have a sneak peek at some of the milestones that we have achieved. 

Acquisition of 3 new Billing Apps

We kickstarted our year by acquiring three Dynamics 365 CRM Billing apps from Rockton Solutions – Recurring Billing ManagerSubscription Management & Auto Tax Calculator. Your billing cycles can now be automated and streamlined with the Recurring Billing Manager. Exclusively made for Software Publishers and Value-Added Resellers, Subscription Management is the perfect solution to manage their billing processes. On the other hand, Auto Tax Calculator (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource), will help you to automate the tax calculation within Dynamics 365 CRM and also provide integration with Avalara AvaTax. With these trios in your CRM, you can now kiss goodbye to all the tedious billing work such as generating invoices, sending payment reminders, calculating delayed charges, and calculating taxes manually.

Click2Undo Launch

Our next milestone was the launch of our yet another 1 Click productivity app – Click2Undo. Click2Undo (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource) is a 1-Click productivity app for Dynamics 365 CRM and PowerApps that will help you to undo changes and restore records to its previous known state with just a single click. That’s not all, you can also undo changes in multiple records at one go, undo changes done in the past and also restore the deleted records in your CRM. A very handy app to deal with recurring common mistakes and errors while handling day-to-day business activities.

Maplytics™ Releases

To further enhance user experience while mapping Dynamics 365 CRM data, we introduced some major features to our flagship product – Maplytics™ (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource) in the month of April and December. The features that were introduced include – Optimized Truck Routing, Detail Map Control, Multiple Categories, Search POI locations with keywords, Advanced Territory Management, Auto Scheduling, and PCF Controls. With these new features, Maplytics™ is now by far one of the best geo-analytical mapping solutions available for Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps users.

Other Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps Productivity App Feature Releases

After adding four new products to our bag, we focussed on enhancing our existing Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps productivity apps. Over the course of the year, we released new features for the following productivity apps:

Click2Export (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource)– A productivity app to export Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps data in different formats, Click2Export now gives you the provision to export CRM Views data using Email templates. In short, now you can export Report/Word/Excel/Email (CRM Views) templates with just a single click. 

Alerts4Dynamics (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource)– With the latest features in Alerts4Dynamics you can now manage and create Event-based alerts in your CRM along with Record-based and Rule-based alerts. You will be also able to either manually or automatically set dismissal of alerts in your CRM. Your team will also able to choose the mode in which they want to receive alerts from you. 

User Adoption Monitor (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource)– Being a monitoring app, User Adoption Monitor will now help you to track and ensure the completeness of Dynamics 365 CRM entity records. You can also calculate and track the aggregation on the respective field across the entity towards specific CRM user actions. Not only this, you can further assign and keep a track of targets allotted to the users. All in all, a sure shot way to keep a tab on the performance of Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps users. 

Kanban Board (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource)– A productivity app to visualize your Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps data in a Kanban View, with Kanban Board you can now categorize records in a row on the basis of any field value. Further, you can also organize and categorize records of a given entity in Kanban view as per the Business Process Flow defined for that entity. 

SharePoint Security Sync (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource)– As a comprehensive attachment management solution, SharePoint Security Sync with its latest feature gives you the provision to avail benefits of DocuSign to electronically sign and send Dynamics 365 CRM documents stored in SharePoint without navigating from one UI to another. Definitely, an apt app to ease your worries and ensure the security of data stored in SharePoint. 

All of this was possible with the collective effort and hard work done by our team and your continued association with us. Looking forward to many more years of such wonderful teamwork and association.

Until then – Wish You a Safe and Fabulous Year Ahead!