Transform Your Manufacturing Company with Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

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TransformYourManufacturingCompanywithInforCloudSUiteIndustrialSyteLineInfor CloudSuite Industrial Improves Productivity 

As the global market continues to evolve, manufacturing competition has grown fierce. Manufacturers are now required to get to the market quicker and do a better job of balancing supply and demand. No matter how complex your supply chain, responding faster to change, reducing excess inventory, and cutting costs are becoming more and more important. Not to mention, your customers expect what you promised, when you promised it. 

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) can help meet those demands and improve productivity in the office and on the shop floor. CloudSuite Industrial is an end-to-end ERP solution for both discrete and process manufacturers and includes predictive analytics, collaboration, lean production tools, and integration options. With this software, you can increase customer service, improve production and quality, and collaborate more effectively. 

Meet Customer Demands with Ease

Customers are a key part of any business. Provide them with good service and their recommendations bring you new and repeat business; however, failing to meet customers’ expectations loses their business. The same stands for manufacturing companies–they are required to easily meet customers’ changing demands and provide them with timely services. 

SyteLine improves the entire process of managing customer relationships at the lowest total cost of ownership. You can quickly provide quotes with details of customer-specific product configuration and pricing. Before a quote is given or an order is committed, the custom or configured product is checked against supply, production, and engineering resource availability- ensuring the product can be made on time and to the customer’s specific needs.

The software is also equipped with an order management functionality that lets you quickly create quotes with accurate product configuration and pricing, instantly access and commit product availability, and turn quotes into orders at the press of a button. While closed-loop interactions with customers facilitate the completion of follow-up tasks as promised, instant order validation guards against invalid configurations or pricing errors that could create delays. Plus, on-the-spot order promising commits and aligns production schedules to meet customer deadlines rather than forcing customers to accept timelines that do not meet their requirements.

Simplify Materials and Inventory Management

To make the best products at the best price for their customers, manufacturers are required to keep track of inventories in multiple locations and easily find the best price for the materials they need. Otherwise, they run the risk of overpaying and losing money instead of gaining profits. 

Infor CloudSuite Industrial makes the sourcing process simple. You can easily locate, reserve, and buy supplies and materials from multiple locations, vendors, customers, and company sites. The ERP system also gives you immediate visibility into accurate raw materials inventory in any of your warehouses or plants, or any of your suppliers’ warehouses, along with the ability to transfer or order materials quickly in response to production needs. Thus, allowing you to easily place and plan orders for the best materials while staying within budget. 

Improve Employee Collaboration

To run a successful supply chain, employees must be able to collaborate and share data easily across departments. Otherwise, manufacturers risk creating department silos where data is trapped or even lost. Instead, we recommend a system that delivers a location where employees can easily access all pertinent data and documents. 

Infor CloudSuite has role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports that are all easily accessible from a single, intuitive user interface, allowing employees to access needed information or work with other departments easily and at any time, streamlining their job and increasing productivity. SyteLine is also available for deployment in the cloud so you and your employees can work from anywhere while still having access to your ERP system and critical information and documents. 

Wrap Up

Whether you’re an SMB with mixed-mode processes or an enterprise-sized company with business models, Infor CloudSuite Industrial can help you operate more efficiently. When you implement CloudSuite Industrial, you’ll have the tools to meet customers’ demands with ease, collaborate more effectively, and improve production and quality. 

Datix is a certified partner of Infor and we know how critical implementation is. When you begin your journey to implementing Infor CloudSuite Industrial, be sure to contact Datix. We will ensure that your software is implemented correctly and on-time so you can begin using the software to transform and grow your manufacturing business. Plus, we are with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your software.

To learn more about Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) or our other exciting software solutions, contact Datix today!