Why Are More And More ERP Users Moving To The Cloud?

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Cloud technology is doing wonders across every industry. Gone are the days when teams had to wait to receive instructions from their managers. Today, salespeople can add/update data from anywhere at any time. Physical distance is no longer an issue, and everything — from accessing business-critical data and videoconferencing to client meetings and providing instant customer support — can be done from any place. The COVID-19 pandemic has further encouraged companies to adopt cloud-based ERP software. Since people are advised not to move out of their homes, online transactions have significantly increased. Cloud ERP is allowing companies to keep up with the pace and serve their customer’s needs in the online world. As technology progresses, cloud-based ERP software will only increase. Those companies that fail to implement this technology will lag and will lose to their competition. 

Here are four reasons why more and more ERP users are moving to the cloud.

1. Cloud-based ERP software enables companies to communicate with their customers from anywhere.

The world is fighting against a pandemic. People are advised not to venture out on the streets to protect themselves from falling prey to the deadly virus. Cloud-based ERP software allows salespeople to communicate with customers from remote places. They can add/update customer data instantly and from anywhere. The Cloud ERP also enables companies to share smart contracts with customers that can be signed and attested from their laptop/computer. 

2. Cloud-based ERP software allows teams to work from remote places.

Today, companies globally are adopting remote working practices. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the situation. Employees, especially salespeople, are working from their homes. This requires extra attention and hand-holding techniques to nurture the workforce and make them fit to operate in this new business environment. Cloud-based ERP software enables managers to conduct conferences and meetings from remote places and learn on-the-go. Teams can quickly brainstorm and create new business strategies and share instruction manuals and study materials with the participants. They can exchange ideas with their colleagues and implement the best ones.

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3. Cloud-based ERP software enables providing 24/7 support services instantly.

Providing top-notch support services is a need. With time, it has become a Point of Differentiation (POD), and those who excel at it become market leaders. With the emergence of the internet, information has become accessible to one and all. Customers search vigorously before buying a product and compare the benefits and drawbacks of different companies’ products/services. Cloud ERP allows companies to offer the best-quality help to customers 24/7. It has chatbots that collect customer-centric information and provide solutions to their problems. Moreover, it maintains and updates the FAQ section that offers ready-made solutions to customers. 

4. Cloud-based ERP software breaks information silos. 

Information silos are glass ceilings that don’t allow business-critical information to pass from one department to another. For example, the marketing department fails to share segmentation and targeting data with the finance team. Another example can be when the support department doesn’t share customer feedback with the product development team. In this case, the latter wouldn’t know what customers feel about the product and what changes/additions they can make to the initial prototype. Cloud ERP allows all the departments to share business-critical information. It enables them to function as a cohesive unit and work towards serving the company’s shared interests.

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Cloud-based ERP software is a boon to companies. They store and maintain business-critical information in a repository accessible to all business stakeholders — including frontline executives, C-suite managers, vendors, distributors, suppliers, etc. They are smaller and less expensive than On-premise ERP software and also require less maintenance. By implementing cloud-based ERP software, you will give your business wings and move ahead of other sharks in the industry.

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