Very special CRM needs: Multi-Company, Team Colaboration, CRM, Sales Automation, Invoicing, etc.

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Hi there. So this is my first post and I really hope that you will be able to help me out here. i run 2 companies with 3 emplyees each. we work together in 1 office so the teams sometimes also communicate with each other even though structurally they are not in the same company. currently we use 7 (!) different tools (hubspot for crm, selfhosted invoicing, microsoft teams for team chat & small data-storage, asana for todos, self hosted email marketing tool, for chat-support on our websites, onedrive for data-storage, etc.) and it is getting complicated and confusing.

what we are looking for is a tool with the following features:

  • crm
  • Sales Automation
  • advanced email marketing
  • todo tracking
  • team communication
  • invoicing
  • multi company features (different name, VAT, Logo, CRM Templates, etc.)
  • Helpdesk & Live Chat for 2 Websites

This is what we already checked out and is close to what we were looking for:


We actually were happy to find zoho one because they offer everything we need within this package. the problem here is that it doesn't offer multi-company features. so I would have to have 2 accounts there and would only receive iOS notifications for 1 logged in account and the team wouldn't be able to be part of 1 plattform.

  • Self hosted ODOO Community Edition

It seems like, odoo offers pretty much everything we need but we tested it and it feels quite .. clunky, slow and non-user friendly. Also just the thought of the struggle of managing something self hosted makes me sweat. Also there is no iOS App & Outlook AddIn to quickly add things to the CRM.

  • flowlu Enterprice

flowlu enterprice seems quite nice when it comes to features and they supposetly have multi-company support soon, but we don't like the fact that the server is located in russia.


What we like here is that the Servers are located in the EU, it offers Multi Company but it is not a Team-Collaboration tool and not a Support-Tool so we would still need things like data-storage, team-chat, todo/project management,


It seems like a nice tool, even though the multi-company features still is not quite clear here and also invoicing is clunky. You don't see a list of invoices, only when you check out a project so at the end of a quarter you would have to look into each project to find and search your invoices which seems quite exhausting.

After weeks of research I am at the point where I actually think that it is not possible to have 1 tool for all of that but more than 2 tool are too much. Any thoughts/help? you are my last resort.

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