Revolutionize Your Supply Chain with ERP Software

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RevolutionizeYourSupplyChainwithERPSoftwareUnderstand the Role of ERP Software and the Supply Chain

The manufacturing and distribution industries are constantly being disrupted by digital innovation, forcing businesses to find advanced software solutions or risk falling behind their competition. One area that has been especially impacted by modern technology is supply chain management (SCM).

From predictive analytics to the internet of things (IoT), today’s technology has transformed how businesses manage their supply chains. So, if you’re a manufacturer or distributor, you’re likely asking yourself how you can keep up.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology, like Infor CloudSuite SCM, delivers intelligent, real-time supply chain optimization that transforms manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Comprehensive Insight

When it comes to running a manufacturing or distribution business, there’s likely copious data at any given time. In this way, ERP software allows businesses to manage and view back-end business data all in one place and delivers real-time access to information about business operations and products. Not to mention, quality assurance and other regulations can be built into your software.

Moreover, if you find an issue with your products, you will have the data necessary to nail down the root of the problem, isolate it, and then fix it. If for any reason, something isn’t working the way it should be, you are the first to know!

Agile Forecasting

Agile solutions that can anticipate and address supply chain issues are required to keep up with forecasting and demand planning. Infor CloudSuite SCM leverages big data for reliable demand planning. The predictive analytics combines past data with advanced algorithms to determine the outlook for supply chain processes. Thus, empowering users to reduce costs and balance supply and demand.

Additionally, risk mitigation is rarely effective with manual processes as human manual entry exacerbates and makes it difficult to nail down the root of the problem. Therefore, predictive item forecasting reduces manual planning efforts, smooths the impact of one-off events, and addresses evolving customer demands. Plus, ERP solutions improve supply chain logistics and provide automated supplier packaging, labeling, and processing, ensuring accuracy.

Monitor Production Stages

Production, transport, distribution, logistics, engineering, and finance are all aspects of the supply chain, and each requires significant considerations. A robust ERP system can make it easier to manage all these areas. For example, for distributors that produce or assemble their items, software like Infor’s SCM goes beyond traditional functionality to offer comprehensive production management.

Further, a powerful supply chain management and sourcing solution will simultaneously handle make-to-order, make-to-stock, and engineer-to-order processing. Thus, providing your business with the flexibility to review and update plans as demand changes. In short, ERP software connects every phase of the supply chain with visibility, tracking, and automation to streamline processes.

Wrap Up

The nature and complexity of supply chains are their inter-departmental and multi-organizational capacity. A robust ERP system, like Infor CloudSuite SCM, will optimize your supply chain and completely transform the way your business operates. An inefficient or outdated supply chain process is a liability. By modernizing your supply chain, you revolutionize your organization to increase production and profits.

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