I hate CRM. Fight me.

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Sales rep here. I work for a multinational, selling high value products to a small number of clients. My manager used to say 'run your territory like it's your own business', and didn't bother with CRM. Besides, we don't need anything more than a calendar/notebook to remember who is doing what. Last year the business was acquired by another multinational which says we must use CRM, and uses threatening language about what will will happen if we don't use it. I feel really resentful about this as it feels like the company's main motivation is not to help us manage/improve sales, but simply to monitor us. In my view, displaying an automatic lack of trust in employees and treating us like peons does not engender a positive attitude towards our new overlords, and will not improve sales. If anything the opposite will happen – staff find creative ways to 'game' the system or simply lie about who they visit and when. Treat people like adults (autonomy = happiness) and you'll get better results.

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