SSIS (KingswaySoft) and Dynamics 365

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Before the SSIS package can be deployed to Azure Data Factory we need to provision Azure-SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) runtime (IR) in Azure Data Factory. In the previous posts, we had created an Azure data factory instance had used Azure SQL Database as the source. Within Azure Data Factory in the Let’s get started … Continue reading “Deploy and run SSIS package in Azure Data Factory”

At times we need to generate sample data for our entities in Dynamics 365 for various reasons, performance testing is one of them. Data Spawner component which is part of KingswaySoft’s SSIS Productivity Pack provides us the most efficient way of doing so. Download the component here – Let us generate the sample data … Continue reading “Using Data Spawner component (SSIS) to generate sample data in Dynamics 365”

Let us take a very simple example to understand how to migrate the multi-select option set in Dynamics 365. Few points to consider before we use Multi-select option set Here we will take excel as our source. Create a new SSIS package, add the Excel Source component and Dynamics CRM Destination component in the … Continue reading “Migration of multi-select option sets in Dynamics 365 – SSIS (KingswaySoft)”

We might get the error while using Derived Column in our SSIS Package To fix it right click the Derived Column component and select Show Advanced Editor .. Go to Input and Output Properties tab, expand Derived Column Output and select the field and update the length in the properties window. Hope this helps..

Recently I had written an article for Nigel Frank that list down step by step process of using XML Source Component of KingswaySoft for integration with Dynamics 365 CE We have used XML Source Component to read the XML files. The packages that we developed were running fine from Visual Studio SSDT but on … Continue reading “Fixed – DTS_E_PROCESSINPUTFAILED. The Process input method on component “Script Component” failed with error code 0x80131501 in SSIS”

Recently while trying to use KingswaySoft’ s CRM Connection Manager in the Script Component we got the below error Turned out the issue was because of the wrong version of KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.DynamicsCrm assembly being referred. C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL\KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.DynamicsCrm Referencing the correct one fixed it. Hope it helps..


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