PowerAutomate: Perform “Group By” operation on Data

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Ajit Patra

In this post, we’ll see how we can perform aggregate function on data such as Sum or Count using PowerAutomate. Unlike LINQ in C# or SQL, it’s not very straight forward to do using PowerAutomate for which I thought of sharing the approach we had taken.

Recently, we got a requirement to calculate the sum of Quantity, after grouping the data on 5 columns NDISNumber, SupportDeliveredFrom, SupportNumber, ClaimType and CancellationReason in a custom entity Claim.

Below are the steps we followed to achieve the result:

Action: Initialize Variable(Variable)
Purpose: Hold the unique data of 5 columns based on which we need to group data.
Action: Initialize Variable(Variable)
Purpose: Resultant array to hold unique data along with sum of quantity

Initialize 5 variables to hold unique values of each group-by column inside Apply to each action we are going to use further. Please see…

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