Free ERP System Evaluation Checklist to Compare ERP Products

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Business Management ERP System Evaluation Checklist

Implementing a new ERP system is hard enough. Finding the right one to implement can be downright painful. Vendors will swoop in and show off fancy demos of their software in action, but do they really check all the boxes of features your organization needs? Rather than leaving such matters to guesswork, CAL Business Solutions, an Acumatica Partner, is offering a free ERP System Evaluation Checklist that you can use to compare ERP vendors.

The evaluation checklist highlights four pages of some of the most commonly-needed ERP features divided into five categories:

  1. Productivity
  2. Functionality
  3. Technology
  4. Value
  5. Risk

There is one column for Acumatica with the boxes already checked for each feature Acumatica ERP includes and then two columns for vendors of your choice to compare against it. It also includes a priority column so that you can rank how important a feature is to you. For example, if it is important for your ERP system to support multiple currencies and convert them as needed – as Acumatica does – you might assign it a higher rank than document management to make documents accessible to all key personnel, a feature Acumatica ERP also includes.

Once you have all the features you need checked, you can start to get a clearer picture of which ERP system is right for you. If needed, you can print off more than one sheet to compare even more vendors.

Any good ERP evaluation process should begin with assessing your own organization to determine your business needs and desired features. After all, the goal at the end of any business management system purchase should be smoother workflow, increased productivity, and ultimately a better organization. If your ERP system does not make your business better, it is not a good fit for you.

Not everyone will choose Acumatica ERP, but after a thorough evaluation, you will undoubtedly find that Acumatica checks boxes for most if not all the features most organizations need and provides the flexibility only a modular Cloud ERP system can.

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