CRM to manage sales and support for small team

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Hey everyone,

With the plethora of CRMs out there I need some advice to narrow down my search to cover my application;

We are an importing/reseller business that has exclusive rights to a few different brands within our territory – all our sales are to businesses who sell our products to consumers.

These businesses offer direct consumer support, but we also manage consumer support through our social media pages.

Our main concern is managing our support to these dealers, we currently have a few different emails used to help direct enquiries from;

Support – support questions are emailed here from dealers

Orders – product orders are placed here from dealers

The ideal crm would allow these emails to come through, be assigned to a team member, and allow us to track the email through it’s appropriate process.

Added bonuses include;

  • mass communication with our dealers based on what products they sell.

  • social media tools, including direct messages being able to be assigned to team members in much the same way as emails.

  • viewing past dealings with our 70 or so reselling dealers would be useful – this doesn’t need to apply to our direct to consumer support

We’ve been walked through hub spot in the past, and while it could be adapted, it’s really too expensive for the size of our business – we want to manage 70ish interactions as opposed to thousands…

Thanks in advance if anyone here knows something suitable.

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