Azure Architecture and Management – Introduction

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Below are few key points on Azure architecture and management

  • Check availability of Azure products region-wise

Below we have filtered it to see products available in UAE

We can also filter it further if we are looking for a specific product or service.

  • We can refer to the Data residency document to see where the data is being stored

  • We can use the Pricing Calculator for estimation.

  • A resource inside Azure can be thought of manageable item in Azure that includes Virtual Machines, Web App, Database, etc.
  • A resource group is a container (contains metadata) of the resources.
  • It is through ARM – Azure Resource Manager the resources within Azure are managed.

Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, REST APIs are different ways of interacting with Azure Resource Manager.

  • Within Azure Portal, we can use Azure Cloud Shell to run PowerShell or CLI commands.

It will ask us to create a storage account if there aren’t any

  • To implement Infrastructure-as-Code, Azure has Azure Resource Manager Templates which are written in JSON, that uses a declarative syntax to define infrastructure and configuration for Azure resources for automating deployments.

  • Azure Advisor is a recommendation service that analyzes the configurations and usage of the Azure Resources and provides recommendations / best practices on different categories to optimize the Azure Deployment.

The advisor can be configured to run only on specific resources along with the option to edit the existing rules and set up alerts.

  • We can also use Azure Mobile App

to monitor the health and status of Azure resources, run commands to manage Azure resources, etc.

Reference – Pluralsight Course – Microsoft Azure Services and Concepts

Hope it helps..