The Apple Watch Series 6 – The Best Smartwatch Yet?

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For the first time in a couple years, Apple had their annual September event without releasing any details on their new iPhone, expected to be called the iPhone 12. However, that did allow for another piece of its tech to take centre stage and steal the limelight – and boy did the Apple Watch Series 6 do that; today we look a little big deeper into why this is the best Apple watch yet.

When Apple first released the Apple Watch back in 2014, there were many critics that thought that the smart watches would never succeed and that they were only a thing of the future. Apple have proved people wrong time and time again they are the pioneers of the tech world and continue to bring out the most innovation products.

Apple have always the tech giant that has capitalised on any advances on technology over the years, and that isn’t just of recent times with them doing that since the 80’s. Other industries like Apple have also been benefitting from this as of recent times such as online casinos as now with them all have apps, many have seen an increase in gamblers on the go whether that be commuting or even at work; one certain online casino that has particularly benefitted from is at The Best Casinos.

The new watch is still available in the two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and we would recommend to anyone to take the bigger one due to it being a small nifty bit of bit anyway, the bigger the easier it is to use. The watch this year comes in an array of new colours though including Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Blume and Red – a little change to their normal colours which we enjoy.

Our favourite feature about the new watch is that of the new Blood Oxygen monitor built into the Apple Watch which will measure the oxygen levels in your blood. This is another string to the watches bow with it already doing multiple health related checks. Apple’s oxygen sensor works much like other oxygen sensor and just uses light to be able to just your oxygen levels.

The new watch comes with the S6 chip which now has increased performance on the watch compared to previous competitors by 20%, 2.5x brighter always-on display and can even boast an 18-hour battery life – seriously impressive for such a small bit of kit.