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Every organization opts for implementing a CRM system within their organization with a desire to streamline its business processes, improve the quality of customer service, explore new business opportunities, and to hunt for new customers. However, only a few succeed. Why? Because most do not adopt CRM best practices, hence leading to low return on investment. After all, CRM is just a technology, and the amount of success that can be achieved through it is dependent on how effectively it is been used by the employees of the organization.

If one aspires to use the Sage CRM software effectively, it has been recorded to increase the salesperson’s revenue by 41% on average. A system that can provide you a 360-degree view of the customer relationships can also be a let-down if its potential is not been utilized. A basic strategy before using Sage CRM software should be to achieve the goals of your company. Once you are able to accomplish this, the next step could be to plan on reaching out to the objectives. Here are some of the ideas that can help in utilizing CRM software –

1. Training

The most common mistake identified is inadequate training given to the employees. If your staff or employees are not aware or unable to utilize CRM software effectively, you can’t determine the exact profit that you could actually gain from it. Rather than hoping that your employees will identify the key features of the CRM on their own; make sure you incorporate a thorough training program of CRM in order to help with a proper system review to the employees that will profit them. Focus on all the features in detail, make the training robust, and give your employees ample time to get comfortable with the system.

2. Prioritize your customers

Though it is always said that one should treat their customers equally, one should also focus on prioritizing the customers based on how profitable they are. Analyzing the Customer data, their product interest, and the buying patterns can help to spot potential high-value customers so that you can make the most of your sales opportunities with those customers.

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3. Start tracking your customers before the first contact

Sage CRM Framework makes it possible for businesses to capture data at every stage of the customer journey. Right from the stage of logging the inquiries till the stage of capturing customer feedback; Sage CRM helps to record 360-degree view of customers that will help to track and manage sales and post-sales service given to them.

4. Sync everything to your CRM

The feasibility of integrating Sage CRM with different applications be it an IVR, a marketing tool, or an email exchange server; helps in synchronizing all the data in a single system. Thereby, leaving no chance of missing out any critical data or communication that may prove in loss of the opportunity. Syncing everything together will help guarantee that you’re utilizing your CRM to its full ability.

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