How Infor Can Transform Your Manufacturing Business

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HowInforCanTransformYourManufacturingBusinessERP Software Catered to Your Business 


The ERP market is prolific, which can be extremely beneficial for manufacturers looking to find the best ERP system for their business; however, these options can become overwhelming, and it is sometimes difficult to find a system that works best for your company. Many ERP systems are one-size-fits-all, but every business is unique. That’s why we recommend finding a system that is flexible and works to fit your company’s individual needs.


Infor is a leader in ERP software and offers flexible, scalable, industry-specific solutions made to fit your company. Not only do they offer a great user experience but also a budget-friendly experience. 


Infor Provides Manufacturer Specific Capabilities


Across all of Infor’s products, you find industry-specific systems. Infor’s manufacturing ERP system is designed for discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturers. 


Infor’s manufacturing software is built on a scalable architecture that allows you to be agile and in-sync with fast-changing customer expectations and needs. Along with warranties and service contracts, your company can use Infor to help improve consumer satisfaction. 


Additionally, Infor can improve your company’s product quality by helping you innovate faster and more efficiently. With features like predictive analytics, production tools, shop floor scheduling, quality and service management, you can streamline your business’s production. Further, because the software is industry-specific, it requires less tweaking to fit your business’s needs. 

Infor and the Cloud


Infor is a global leader in cloud software; its CloudSuite software aims to deliver an unmatched user experience. With manufacturing-specific ERP capabilities, SMBs are fully able to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology. Infor focuses on delivering applications for organizations through cloud computing as a service. It builds complete industry suites in the cloud, and efficiently deploys technology that puts user experience first.


Further, CloudSuite can be easily integrated into your company’s existing systems. Infor understands that software is not one-size-fits-all, so it has a diverse portfolio of ERP cloud solutions to support the manufacturing industry. Infor prides itself on creating complete solutions that work the way your company does. 


Great User Experience


Infor’s manufacturing ERP system is designed to be a simple, modern, and comfortable experience for users. It’s intuitive, so even if you have never used an ERP solution before, you’ll be able to find your way around quickly. 


Plus, Infor works within the cloud and offers both a desktop and mobile app, making it simple for you and your employees to access needed information working from any location. 


Easy to Use Planning and Scheduling Module 


Planning and scheduling are vital to the success of your manufacturing company; however, this can be a difficult task, especially on a large scale. Infor’s manufacturing ERP system handles scheduling with ease. 


Infor offers an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) module that synchronizes your work sites, inventory, resources, and supply along with any orders that come through. The ERP system handles most of the work providing you with accurate, evidence-based data, fewer delays, and better use of your company’s resources. This will eliminate pain points like data silos and production roadblocks, so you can focus on streamlining business and improving workflow.


Wrap Up 


Datix is an Infor partner and has over 20 years of experience in servicing ERP software solutions. We understand that your software needs to fit your company’s individual needs, so we are dedicated to learning your business process and finding an Infor solution that will maximize your investment!


At Datix, we will work with you to make sure your Infor implementation is concise, on-time, and under budget. Our implementation process is designed to help your organization unlock the full power of Infor ERP. We are also dedicated to helping your company succeed- that is why our consultants stay with your business well after the go-live date, providing continued support and software consulting services as you need them. 


Interested in taking the next steps to implement Infor for your manufacturing business? Contact Datix today to see how we can help transform your business and facilitate growth!