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Hi, I'm working at a small trade association. We are 6 FTEs, have about 200 members (companies), and our current CRM hold about 5000 contacts in 3000 companies. Our core business is connecting people, networking, and setting up new value chains. We're currently using a CRM (Teamleader) that allows us to sync contacts with Mailchimp (for email marketing), SurveyMonkey and Office 365/Outlook out of the box.

We're also running a tool on our WordPress-based website that allows people to search through our members using various filters. Unfortunately, this tool is not linked to our CRM data and uses a different database, which requires us to maintain 2 different databases.

Now we would like to set up another similar tool, but this time for our members (to give them access to some of our data/contacts we've built up over the years).

Our current CRM is very lead/sales-focused, which doesn't necessarily suit our workflow, does not handle custom fields the way it should, and is not flexible enough to connect to our website without a lot of custom development work.

It would be great if we could start using a CRM (or another type of database?) that allows us to centralize/update data from within a single interface, and allows to sync data with custom apps on our website (using an API or something else), and all the different apps we use (such as Outlook, Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, …).

I know CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics are capable of doing that, but I'm afraid they are a bit out of our price range?

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