Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Maritime Lawyer

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Maritime injury cases generally involve marine vessels. You are likely to encounter most water injuries due to recreational boating accidents or if you work in the maritime industry. In some cases, the injuries might emanate from some time of negligence on the part of the maritime company you work for. That is why it is necessary to understand the steps to protect your rights after a maritime accident. Let us cover what you need to know about maritime accidents, including hiring a lawyer.


Types of maritime injuries

Well, it is appropriate to understand the kind of maritime injuries if you are to take the first step to protect your rights. Let us look into some of them:

  • Slips and falls: You can get injured if the boat’s deck, stairs, and the likes were wet
  • Collision and bumps: You may sustain injuries due to improper safety precautions taken with cranes, dollies, carts or the machines on-board your water vessel.
  • Heavy lifting: A maritime lawyer will also represent you if you sustained injuries for lifting a heavy object at a long time. For example, if the boat’s deck tilts unexpectedly, then you lose control and sustain injuries. 
  • Sickness: if the company you work for didn’t follow sanitation and health guidelines, you might fall sick. In this case, you can hire a lawyer to seek compensation for negligence.

Now that you are well aware of the cases that you can hire a maritime lawyer to help you settle, it is important to understand the maritime law process and find a lawyer.

The maritime law process

After establishing that your injury falls under the maritime injury category, the initial step is to reach out to the maritime lawyer. Speak to a maritime injury lawyer who will discuss your case and investigate the factors contributing to the injury. The next course of action is to determine the case and see whether your lawyer will enter into negotiations with your employer or an insurance adjuster, begin state or federal legal proceedings or file a lawsuit on your behalf. Again, it is best to talk to a maritime lawyer who will help establish the best course of action for your case.

Why do you need to hire a maritime lawyer?

It would be best if you spoke to find a lawyer with a track record handling similar cases. The following are the benefits of hiring a qualified maritime lawyer:

  • They have vast experience as maritime accident attorneys, meaning that they have developed legal resources specific to maritime law.
  • They have resourceful networks of medical, engineering, and maritime industry experts. Hence they can easily get outside opinions that will help build a stronger case.
  • They make excellent witnesses who will testify before a judge on your behalf.
  • They understand the process and hence, will do the legwork for you as you focus on recuperating.

Final remarks

Accidents are sometimes inevitable. In a maritime environment, you could easily get injured in the line of duty. It is crucial to understand the legal process to protect your rights. Speak to a maritime lawyer to help seek compensation for the injuries sustained.