How to Accelerate Relationship with Your Clients during a Pandemic?

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Due to the massive outbreak of COVID – 19, majority of business firms have closed their operations in order to practice social distancing. However, one of the prime responsibilities of the management is to inform their clients on the status of the company’s operations. Most of the businesses are trying to figure out ways to enhance networking while working from home. Some are bagging success at it, while some are still struggling the way out.

However, even in this pandemic, you can nurture the customer relationship by maintaining constant communication with your clients, thereby securing your business image and trustworthiness through CRM software.

In order to accelerate customer relationships with your existing and new clients, CRM system will help in managing and automating operational workflows to be more client-centric and interlink every functional aspect of your business.

Methods to Facilitate Customer Relationship

1. Recognize Standard Communication

When the marketers target fresh prospective customers for acquiring new sales prospects, they can gain additional information of the potential buyer’s product interest through social media profiles. Identifying all the necessary details and capturing them in CRM helps in eliminating the process of conveying the same to Sales team for further processes. Thus, the sales team generates more optimized and relevant interactions with the valuable data of these software prompted target audiences. Therefore, CRM offers a comprehensive perspective of each client based on social accounts, exchangeable information, including their purchasing habits, and online activities.

2. Remove the Need for Physical Data Processing

Automating operational functionalities of the company with CRM system will help the Sales and Marketing teams to overcome manual processing of the information. Integration of Enquiry page from Company’s website to get the enquiries logged directly in CRM. Auto-acknowledgment emails to the prospects as well as notifications to the Sales team to work on the new enquiries saves a great amount of time for Sales and Marketing divisions thereby allowing them to focus more on client acquisition and less on data processing.

3. Emphasize Vulnerable Customers

For adequate growth of the organization, it is important for the business planning team to promptly recognize all the vulnerable clients, and react quickly to nurture them. Defining SLA’s at the Customer level and configuring escalations in order to maintain the TAT by the customer service team helps in identifying and managing vulnerable clients within time. Also it is been sensible enough to engage these existing customers, as it is nearly five to six times more costly to acquire new clients at any stage of the business.

An appropriate customer-focused approach backed up by a CRM system, will help marketing professionals skilfully strengthen their client relationships, while promoting sincerity with all the existing audiences during this lockdown.

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