Do You Need a CRM? These are the most important Reasons to Use a CRM for your business.

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Are you using a CRM? If not, how come?

In this blog, let's get to the top 5 reasons you must use a CRM for your business.

I talk to sales people and agents all the time and when I ask what they use their current CRM for, the answer is typically just to send drip campaigns. Well, here's the deal…your CRM should be used for way more reasons than that and you should make sure that you fully understand all the reasons.

I am going to hit the five most important reasons:

REASON #1: Automate

So what's a drip campaign? It's a follow-up flow that will automatically help you send out emails, texts and reminders. If you have a good CRM it should also be doing a number of other things:

  • When a new lead comes into the system your lead should be able to be identified as a new lead source.
  • Have capability to put on a tag so that it will send you a notice that you've got a new lead.
  • Set up reminders to call the lead.
  • Create notes within any individual contact file.
  • Of course, you should be able to send an individual an email and a text at any time.
  • Send individual emails and texts anytime to any of your leads.

REASON #2: Engage

Engage by using your drip campaign. Our goal is to engage but we can't engage unless we get our mail open and we need to get a response. That means we need a call to action then we can identify who we want to spend some time with and write back.

REASON #3: Organize

We need a CRM to help organize our business. The biggest problem when we start developing leads is tracking who's hot and who's not and being able to distinguish that one lead needs a flag or the other lead needs a status, what type of lead or is it a source. We need to be able to put all that information in a CRM to keep the business organized and automated.

No one wants to wake up and go into a CRM and look at a mass of humanity with no clue who they are supposed to be talking to today. By tracking your communication with tags and status updates and spending 30 minutes everyday to do prospecting, then your CRM will help you to identify those leads that are the hottest business for that day.

REASON #4: Identify

Identify the hottest business in your database. If you have a good drip campaign running, the leads may not be communicating with you today. But, if you have a professional and efficient CRM you can see that your leads are looking at the information you are sending. For example, if you are in the real estate industry, you want to know when people are clicking on the links inside of an email that will send them to listings. If you have buttons and links inside your emails, you will be able to identify via your CRM who’s opening, who’s clicking and then this will determine the hot business for that day. Hopefully, the leads are writing you back either via email or text. This is, of course, a hot buying sign and you should be able to track all of this on a main dashboard inside of your CRM.

REASON #5: Top of Mind

You want your business to stay at the “Top of Mind”. Your lead may not be ready to buy today. However, the goal is use your CRM to promote consistently because you never know when they will be ready. Using your CRM drip campaigns will instill trust and keep them regularly informed. It keeps your lead feeling important and wanted.

In conclusion, the five reasons to use a CRM:






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