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Hi All,

I could search the web for days and end up running in circles constantly, looking at pro's and con's etc however… I thought individuals here may help me with honing that search.

We have been using Encore 5 CRM for 10 years, and company currently sits at 10 people… and we are growing. But Encore, with the remote desktop (cluen) just seem's so slow and dated.

I am after CRM software that is more refined, and faster – another downside of Encore 5. It freezes a lot and is quite slow when all of our current 10 users are active! not great for a fast paced business environment.

Key features I am after.

. I need to be able to port over our existing database with relative ease

.Function((s) where you can push individuals up the chain to senior management to continue the process

.Syncing with outlook to generate calendar reminders

.Easy information gathering and compiling of information around a certain company or role… breaking down a bank in respect to their number of employees, job titles, tenor etc.

.Refined search system when trying to identify a shortlist of talented individuals for a specific roles.

.Being able to email directly from the CRM software, on an individual or mail shot basis.

.Push jobs/tasks on to junior individuals to complete and fixing a deadline

.Reliability and additional functions that reduce the need for repetitive tasks

Many thanks in advance all.

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