Suddenly have a lot of customers and interactions to keep track of. Which CRM?

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Hi! I am working on a project (with a limited number of memberships we can offer) that got a lot of interest—which is great…

…but now it's time to start communicating with the applicants, en masse and individually.

I think we need some sort of portal to keep track of all our interactions with each customer.

I am envisioning the following two views in the portal>

A) A view of all the customers – can be sorted by any field, and segmented into groups

B) A detailed view of each customer The detailed view would include the following things: * Our email (and maybe instagram) conversations with them * Typeform survey results (or at least a link to the typeform) * A section for notes from the interview with the customer. * A section for linkedin / social media / whatever else of the customer

I have looked at Hubspot, which seems infinitely complex, and Gorgias, which seems geared entirely to eCommerce stores, so it doesn't have the part B functionality described above.

Right now we are handling customer records with Mailchimp, surveys with typeform, and customer service via email. Eventually we will have billing, but i think that will be handled through Shopify.

Any advice much appreciated!

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