Find the Perfect Supply and Demand Balance with Infor CloudSuite Industrial Material Requirements Planning

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FindthePerfectSupplyandDemandBalancewithInforCloudSuiteIndustrialMRPMRP Allows for More Effective Decision Making 

Finding the perfect balance between your supply and demand when you are operating a manufacturing business can be tricky, especially while running all other sections of your business. However, it doesn’t have to be!

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module takes the hassle out of balancing supply and demand by streamlining your information. The system is designed to centralize, integrate, and process information for effective decision making in scheduling, design engineering, inventory management, and cost control. 


Grow Your Cash Flow

MRP manages the balance between your supply and demand by creating plan requirements starting at the lowest level, where the items appear in the bill of material (BOM). In short, the software plans all end items first, then all items at the next level, and so on. This ensures all requirements, due dates, plans, etc. are always met. 


Additionally, MRP generates planned orders and exception messages to help you easily implement an accurate manufacturing plan. The software is designed to reduce your inventory and increase manufacturing productivity, ultimately facilitating cash growth flow. 


Puts Business Control and Planning Back in Your Own Hands 

Unlike Infor Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), MRP doesn’t consider routing times, resource capacity, or shifts. Instead, the responsibility rests with the planner to ensure your shop floor has the available capacity to work the plan; however, MRP is equipped with other software to make it easier for you to create the perfect schedule for your company. 


MRP comes with the Master Production Schedule (MPS). This feature allows you to control the production of key items to protect your schedule from fluctuations in order-based demands, thus allowing you to quickly and efficiently meet customers’ changing requests. MPS is manually created based on your demand expectations and resource capacity estimation. The schedule is flexible and scalable, and it can easily be altered as your capacity changes. No one understands your business better than you, so MRP puts the control in your hands rather than leaving it to a software algorithm. 


Easily Mitigate Risk and Meet Customer Demand 

To avoid any issues that could lead to setbacks or missed deadlines, MRP is equipped with safety measures and alerts.


MRP’s exception messages notify you of changes in your manufacturing line or on your shop floor. For example, if your on-hand quantity drops below your set safety stock, you will be alerted immediately, mitigating risk. 


Further, with the order action report, you have more detailed insight into your business- you can determine the purchase orders you need to generate for specific items to be available by the deadline. This allows you to plan customer orders accordingly, mitigating risk and increasing customer satisfaction. 


Wrap Up 

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial Material Requirements Planning (MRP), you can find the perfect balance between your supply and demand, allowing you to streamline your business, facilitate cash flow, and better meet customers’ demands. 

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