Zoho suite vs Nutshell vs HubSpot for one-man service business

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Hi – within the week I will be taking my side-line service to full-time self employment.

Customer Service should be one of my selling points, and to ensure this I want to use a CRM.

Zoho (with ZohoMail), Nutshell and HubSpot (both with Gmail) have been reccomended to me but how do I know which to choose what should I be looking for? Zoho was suggested as an affordable all in one, with Nutshell I like the Automation, and I poked around wth HubSpot before (heard it was a great place to start but quickly limiting)

I currently use my own messy AirTable, but can see the sense of using something decent.

But what?

Help me and let me know how I can begin to decide!

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