Acumatica Easily Customized to Meet Needs of Building Supply Distributor

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Each company, even within the same industry, is a bit different. When selecting an ERP system it may not always be possible to get all the features you want, right out of the box. Sometimes customization is needed.

You might hear the word customization and cringe, and with good reason. With some ERP solutions, customization signals a significant investment in time and money. But now there is Acumatica. Acumatica prides itself on being easily customizable to meet the needs of various industries and organizations. Here’s how we helped one client get exactly what he wanted with Acumatica.

Building Supply Distribution Company Selects Acumatica as Right System to Handle Growth

We worked with a building supply distributor who was interested in upgrading their legacy ERP system. They were very interested in Acumatica as a new solution, but, although their legacy ERP had other shortcomings, it did have one feature that this organization wanted to retain.

Often building material suppliers have an agreement with contractors to keep a running tab of expenses until the project is complete. Then they send a bill for the total. Our client had always offered his customers a discount if they paid their bills earlier. They needed an ERP feature that would allow them to show the amount and due date for receiving this anticipated discount. Their legacy ERP had that field; Acumatica did not.

The good news for our client, as for many others, is that the platform upon which Acumatica is built makes it extremely flexible, adaptable, and customizable. The development team at CAL Business Solutions easily customized Acumatica so our client could continue to offer their early bird discounts. It made the client happy, ensured that their cashflow, and benefited their bottom line.

Now, invoices generated by Acumatica show the itemized charges for the month, the actual cost, the anticipated discount, and the date by which payment must be received to take advantage of the special offer.  The contractor has the option to pay the full price or take advantage of the discount price by paying early.

Acumatica building supply

Acumatica building supply

Naturally, customizations require time and incur some additional expense. But having the features you want in a top ERP solution such as Acumatica means you can continue to conduct business in ways that are best for your organization.

Interestingly, there are industry-specific offerings that may have had some of the features our client required. But they chose Acumatica over an industry-specific product because of its flexible platform, modern interface, and unlimited user pricing model.  They were convinced that Acumatica, with customizations, was the better choice.

Here’s what our client had to say:

When it came down to the final two choices, Epicor was customized to our industry, and Acumatica was not. If this was something we were choosing for the short term, it might have made more sense to go with the industry-specific solution. But we wanted a system that we felt could grow with us, so we would not have to go through this process again for another 20 years. Acumatica, by far, seemed a better choice in that regard. It was a better long-term play.

Not every system had every single thing that was on our wish list, but Acumatica certainly checked all the boxes we needed it to. We felt Acumatica could be made to do all the things we needed for our industry, but it also had the flexibility to go above and beyond.”

Steve Slaughter, President/CEO of Frederick Block, Brick & Stone

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If you are in the building supply distribution business and are looking for a full-service ERP solution that will fit your organization’s unique business processes, CAL Business Solutions can make it happen.

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