Accelerate Business Innovation with Infor Coleman AI

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AccelerateBusinessInnovationwithInforColmanAITransforming Business with AI

Once thought to be a thing of the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated our ways of living and working. Gartner, Inc predicts by 2021, 70 percent of organizations will assist their employees’ productivity by integrating AI in the workplace, and 80 percent of emerging technologies will have AI as a key component. 

One of the biggest industries investing in AI is ERP vendors. AI allows ERP vendors to improve ERP systems by using machine learning and natural-language interfaces. The AI in ERP systems provides actionable data insights enabling companies to improve their operational efficiency. Infor is a leader in ERP AI, offering end-to-end ERP solutions brought together by Coleman AI. With Coleman AI, you can ask the bot to suggest new offers for customers, create requisitions for particular items, automate workflows, and streamline many other tasks.

Automate Business Processes 

ERP software itself is designed to help streamline business processes and improve employee efficiency. But when AI is implemented along with ERP software, you can free your employees from working on manual, tedious tasks and instead allow them to focus on high-value activities. Creating efficiency results in significant savings for your company. 

Coleman AI works in tandem with Infor CloudSuite applications to provide fast automation and require no change to your business processes. The Infor Coleman AI Platform helps you better analyze data and automate error-prone tasks. This saves you money by avoiding certain issues and taking advantage of specific opportunities more quickly. The platform is also equipped with voice-powered experiences, making it simpler than ever to input data into your ERP system and increase productivity.  

AI Platform Tailored to Your Business 

While AI can be extremely beneficial to enterprises, the technology is still evolving. AI is often overlooked by many businesses because they believe it only has developer-centric tools designed primarily for experimental projects, and using these tools to implement a complete project would be a difficult and slow process. However, Infor is dedicated to creating simple, industry-specific tools made to advance your business. 

Further, personalization is needed for you to fully utilize AI, and Infor offers just that! Coleman AI offers industry-specific temperaments equipped with machine learning-based AI to help you accelerate the development of your projects. These templates are highly personalized and tailored to your business’s specific data and usage patterns. 

The platform also uses data collected in your ERP to create personalized predictions, helping you gain a 360-degree view of your enterprise. With this information, you make more informed buying and selling decisions, meet customers’ demands with ease, and increase your profits. 

Intelligent, Simplified AI 

AI is still in its infancy, and to reap all the benefits on many platforms, you either need a complex skillset, or engage in unpredictable service agreements. With so many unknowns, individuals fail to fully utilize the platform or neglect the platform altogether. With Coleman, your AI projects don’t require any complex knowledge or skills. 

Coleman makes historically complex technologies like natural language processing, intelligent automation, machine learning, and voice user experience much more accessible and simpler to use. The components that make up Coleman are designed to understand, trust, and build value as you work with them. Coleman learns by asking questions and narrowing options to provide recommendations. The more you use Coleman, the smarter it gets. 

Wrap Up

AI technology is not just transforming ERP software- it is also transforming enterprise performance. With cutting-edge AI technology, you can achieve unprecedented visibility and gain the ability to streamline business processes. Infor Coleman AI leverages the technology to analyze data and deliver real-time alerts from an intuitive platform. The platform brings tangible opportunity and ROI to your AI projects with incredible speed and clarity. 

With Infor Coleman AI, you can effectively innovate and transform your business through software. Still, implementing new, unfamiliar technology can be nerve-racking. It doesn’t have to be when you work with a team of experts. Datix is a certified Infor partner, and we will help you navigate the unfamiliar territory of ERP software and AI. Capturing the full functionality of Infor Coleman AI is possible when you work with the consulting experts at Datix. Contact us today to see how we can help you implement Infor Coleman AI, and help you become a leading competitor in your market!