Uncover the Benefits of Working with an Independent Consulting Firm to Service Your ERP

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UncovertheBenefitsofWorkingwithanIndependentConsultantMake the Most Out of Your ERP Investment

In the age of unlimited options, choosing who services your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can feel extremely overwhelming, especially when software companies pressure businesses into using their consultants. Independent consultants are just as reputable and are a great option when you need assistance with implementation or complex issues!

Working with an independent consulting firm, like Datix, can help you make the most out of your ERP investment dollars. We can provide you with peace of mind by protecting you from project risks and offering long-term fixes when your technology isn’t up to par.

Driven by Customer Success

Our top priority is your partnership and strategic growth. Where software vendors are driven to increase their bottom lines, Datix is driven by our partners’ success. Every business’s ERP needs are uniqueone business’s system and processes are never going to be the same as another’s. We take the time to get to know your business so we can personalize your experience.

Additionally, our consultants offer in-person, hands-on ERP assistance. Instead of generic ‘how-to’ videos or webchat services that make effective communication nearly impossible, we are there to assist you with on-site support.

Our consultants and project managers care about you! They work on limited projects, so they’re always available to answer questions, fix problems, and support your business. Thus, ensuring you never have to waste your valuable time explaining your business process every time you need assistance.

Deliver Results

The right consultant will help you achieve the most ROI from your ERP software. By actively engaging with you, Datix develops a working understanding of your business. That, coupled with our methodology, has proven to yield results. For example, our positive implementation experience has successful ‘go-lives’ in far less time than Epicor®-led implementations.

Successful projects are 25% software and 75% business process. Datix not only has the software expertise but also the business expertise to maximize your project. We work closely with you to address the process and implement solutions that will streamline your business. In short, our thorough grasp on business process management avoids software project failure, improves workflow, and increases profits.

Deliver Real-World Solutions

When you service your ERP software through vendors, you likely don’t have the luxury of full disclosure; they won’t recommend solutions outside of their brand. However, independent consulting firms service competing systems, so they have better perspectives on best practices, allowing you to make the most out of your software investment.

Further, our industry professionals acknowledge product limitations and provide you with solutions, so you are never held back by these limitations. We have nothing to gain by selling you additional modules or ERP features, so you can rest assured that we will let you know when it’s not appropriate to upgrade your system (bugs, lack of significant improvements, etc.)

Choose the Best Partner for End-to-End Support

The best ERP consultant will provide your business with comprehensive support to achieve the most ROI.

Datix will act as your one-stop-shop for software support from start-to-finish. Our consultants will assist you from the very beginning of your ERP project to your go-live date, and they will stay with you to ensure your software is always working to your satisfaction. Our support is rendered unconditionally- no recurring maintenance fees or unnecessary upgrades are required.

To learn more, reach out to one of our expert consultants today!