Justified! Why it’s High Time To Start Using Online Cloud-based Timesheet System

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We all have heard about the proverb “Time is the Soul of Business.” 

How many times has it happened that you and your team have faced time barriers? Probably, many times, right? To become successful in today’s modern time, you need to deliver the said task on or before the time.

With everything moving digital and the word “instant” used deliberately for each service, it’s time that you along with your business should enhance the technological world’s offerings in the form of an online timesheet system.

Earlier there was traditional software for time tracking tasks that were bound to be on the desktop, allowing access to one person. So the minute an employee steps out of the office premises, there is no other way to access the information or make changes in the timesheet there and then possible. But with advanced technology, a cloud-based online timesheet program helps to eliminate all the loopholes of the traditional one.

You can easily access it on any devices that have internet, manage invoices, and bills from anywhere, check the employees time trackers anytime, access employees daily time report, custom reporting from the employees on a particular task, and more which ends up in a smoother approval process.

Now, after knowing a little bit about cloud-based time management, let’s dive into some of its perks that will justify why it’s high time for your business to invest in one such online timesheet system.

  1. Effective time management

It is pretty much obvious that all your time mismanagement problems will be eradicated with the integration of such software. Your team will work accurately, as they have an idea of their work being monitored every second. They themselves will be able to track their tasks and do the performance analysis. If there are tasks that are taking longer, than with required adjustments it will be scheduled accordingly beforehand.

Thus, there will be no pending tasks or untimely approvals from your team to the client. Such an online timesheet system will make goodwill for your firm and increase the clientele.

  1. Accurate billing for clients

When it comes to maintaining clientele records, it has always been a hassle with payments. But with time management software, you can justify your work with estimated time spent on each task. This will automatically provide leverage when it comes to the cost of the project and will eventually help in project management.

  1. Tracking the progress of every task

When you are working on a project, every single task is divided among the team members. And sometimes it might happen that the team is handling multiple tasks at a time. Now, in any of the above situations, it is hard to get a track of the start and end of a particular task. With online timesheet management, one can track every single task and also custom filter it to know the time of a specific task and see the overall progress of the project.

  • Accessible in every device

When it comes to accessibility, there is no better option than the timesheet software.  Anyone can access it whenever and wherever they want. Every software is made keeping in mind the varied range of technological devices from smartphones to iPad to tablets to wearables like Apple Watch.  So one can make changes or can check their respective task information by accessing the timesheet anywhere with the help of the internet. It provides a seamless user experience in every device and also has user-friendly navigation.

  1. Quick reporting and easy sheet submission

For quick, timely, and accurate reporting, one has to integrate a time tracking software, so that the employees or the person designated for the task feels responsible and gives his best to achieve the work to meet the deadlines set in the time tracker manually.

Another important task is to submit the sheet on time. When there were traditional software or manual paperwork employees either used to forget the submission or lost track of the paper wherein they managed the daily tasks. But with an online cloud-based timesheet, employees can submit their work from any place or can send their work to clients with accurate time spent on their tasks.

  1. Sustainable environment

If you opt for such a software approach, then eventually you are cutting down on paper cost and also eliminating the cost of shredding the unwanted documents. Thus, your firm saves a lot of trees, by integrating a technological aspect.

The Cloud system allows your employees to access their work wherever they want to. This stops their daily commute, which reduces pollution and also eradicates the traffic congestions. If you are a green company then such eco-friendly cloud-based tracking software will leverage your company’s market image and will strengthen your clientele base.


So, now it’s time that you integrate your business with a seamless online timesheet system which will get your employees to meet their deadlines, and simultaneously, the clients will be satisfied with your services. Your business will never have a communication loophole and every employee will function efficiently with the time tracking software.

The given justifications are only showing goodwill for the firm with organized time management software. Hence, if you are looking for a cloud timesheet, you should keep in mind these key features like billing automation, quoting and invoicing, one-click timer, real-time monitoring sheets, online-offline tracking, timesheet approvals.  Thus, this will help you narrow down your research and make an apt choice of time management for your business.

The choice of online time software highly depends on the nature, size, and workflow of your business. You need to list down certain features that specifically will help your firm to grow and make the business process seamless. Thus, to succeed in today’s world it is very much necessary to amalgamate your business with digital approaches like software integration, application platforms, social media, and many more to come in the future that will automate every single move of the human race.