Five Acumatica Core Components Plus the Industry-Specific Bonus

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Did you know that Acumatica is the fastest-growing cloud ERP product on the market? In this article, we will discuss the five core components of Acumatica, as well as the game-changing feature that sets them apart from other ERP platforms.

Five Acumatica Core Components

First, let’s look at Acumatica’s core components. Acumatica is equipped with five main components to help manage your business. They are all integrated so that you get accurate, real-time visibility of your business’s activities and performance.

Financial Management provides a full suite of accounting functions to track daily financial operations and generate quarterly and annual financial statements. It also provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning.

Project Accounting is designed to track project costs, manage billing and budgeting, control change orders, and simplify project quotes.

Inventory Management helps control system-wide inventory to efficiently manage your distribution process without losing track of costs. It helps improve customer service and profitability with real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, and inventory costs.

Customer Management lets you centrally manage sales activities, such as quotes, fulfill sales orders, create shipments, track prices, apply discounts, and check available inventory.

Purchase Order Management automates and centrally manages global purchasing processes. This ensures a steady supply of materials while enforcing policy and process controls, in effect reducing costs and improving vendor relationships.

Many ERP vendors offer very similar features. So what makes Acumatica stand out? The way these components can be personalized to your business.

Industry-Specific Editions

While the core components are more than capable of doing the job, there is a feature of Acumatica that elevates them above other ERP platforms. That game-changing feature is their provision of industry-specific editions. These editions are designed with your industry’s needs in mind and provide specialized capabilities to meet those needs.

These are the industry editions that Acumatica offers:

  • Distribution Edition: Ideal for wholesale and distribution companies that need integrated financials and inventory to manage their supply chain and logistic activities
  • Manufacturing Edition: Integrate production planning, material purchasing, and shop floor scheduling. Ideal for managing multi-plant activities.
  • Commerce Edition: Designed for retailers that need integrated E-Commerce and advanced financial and inventory capabilities
  • Field Service Edition: Provides capabilities to manage field service appointments and track and optimize operations
  • Construction Edition: Easily manages customers, finances (including job cost accounting), and field and service teams

Acumatica is also equipped with cross-module workflows. This means every module is connected to each other so that you can have the same information in multiple files. Is there a company that you buy from but also sell to? No worries. In Acumatica you can record this under one file. Instead of looking through various files and sections to get the information you need for that company, it can all be stored together, in an organized, easy to locate business account.

Equipped with core components, Acumatica can handle manage any business. But what really separates Acumatica from the rest is their provision of industry-specific editions that gives you more capability to manage your specific business needs.

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