Which CRM would be best for an independent tattoo artist?

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My partner is a tattoo artist and is just starting to get very busy with bookings. They're doing bookings and scheduling manually right now, and it's taking up a whole lot of time. I'd love to help them automate as much as possible to clear up some more time for drawing and taking time off. I'm a web developer and have no CRM experience other than linking forms to them for clients.

I've looked into HubSpot (does the trick, but the $50/mo version is too limited and the next tier up is needed, and the price is way out of budget). Jetpack CRM looks good too, but isn't robust enough yet.

I'm open to anything really, that's not super expensive (say less than $100/mo?). They're just starting off and still recovering after 4 months of lockdown and inability to collect unemployment.

Here's the ideal workflow:

  1. website form captures the tattoo request and sends it over to the CRM. form is already built. ideally CRM captures all the data in the form and creates a new 'customer' with the form data.
  2. my partner gets a notice and decides if they'd like to do the tattoo or not. if not, client gets automatic "thanks for your interest" email. if yes, the client gets a "welcome" email with a link to the deposit payment form (already created with stripe).
  3. once paid, the client gets a booking calendar to self-book (ideally they get slots the size of the predicted tattoo length, ie: 4 hours). this step is a nice-to-have but not a dealbreaker if unavailable – if a CRM doesn't do calendaring we can do this manually.
  4. once the customer has completed booking, we move to the draft/design phase. my partner will send a draft of the design over to the client to approve and go back and forth with until final design is agreed upon. i'm guessing some sort of email integration would take care of this phase.
  5. the customer gets an automatic reminder email the day before the appt reminding them what to bring and covid protocol.
  6. a couple days after the appt the customer gets another automatic email with aftercare reminder.

Things that would be nice:

  • a way to see all the clients at once and limit by what stage they're in (ie: who still needs to pay deposits). maybe see them in the kanban style board? doesn't really matter which format honestly
  • a way to auto-email people at different stages (ie: let all clients who've had tattoos already know about a promotion or something).

Am I describing something that exists? I'm open to any suggestions!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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