3 Powerful Things Real Companies Did With Microsoft Dynamics 365

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What are the results? You can read hundreds of articles about the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, but it is the actual results that matter.

Instead of just sharing overviews and hypothetical scenarios, we want to share some recent real-world examples of business challenges the Crowe team solved for clients, across industry and business function, with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

  1. Implemented an incident management system with the ability to send communication alerts to maintenance and operations staff in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a Public Transit Authority.
    1. Developed a streamlined approach for managing incidents, events and routing to the appropriate department.
    2. Automated alerts send messages real-time to maintenance and operations staff regarding active incidents.
    3. Integrated with a content management system to automate population of forms and submitting documentation.
  1. Implemented a system to manage the assignment and tracking of contact tracers across the State in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a State Public Health Agency.
    1. Transformed a complex multi-tabbed worksheet that contains data from multiple sources into a single system that allows for efficient scheduling of resources.
    2. Managed the eligibility and training of contact tracers in order or to identify available and qualified resources to deploy across the state.
    3. Automated the notification process to inform contract tracers of required training and assignments.
  1. Implemented ZoomInfo integration to automate updates to contacts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a Professional Services Firm.
    1. Provided process to “clean” existing database of 350k contacts every month instead of once per year and confirmed new contacts entered are accurate and enriched with data for immediate data enhancement.
    2. Improved Marketing and Sales productivity with higher-quality, readily-available leads and ability to reach new target segments.
    3. Reduced speed to market by decreasing manual labor and data entry while increasing trust in CRM as an accurate data source.

What does your business want to accomplish?

The Crowe CRM team has decades of combined CRM solutions experience and a track record of project success. We’ve got the mindset and methodology needed to design, deliver, and implement effective CRM solutions.

We want to help your company do powerful things with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Contact our team to start the discussion at crminfo@crowe.com or 877-600-2253

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner www.CroweCRM.com

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