The State of Government AI Initiatives

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AI stands to revolutionize local, state, and federal operations by facilitating human labor and helping to fill in where humans come up short.

AI Initiatives- As the public sector works to keep up with AI initiatives taking the private sector by storm, a new picture of government AI is emerging. Artificial intelligence has far-reaching use cases within government infrastructure, planning, and security, and President Trump’s 2019 commitment to making the USA the foremost innovator in AI continues well into 2020.

The deployment of AI throughout federal agencies is helping to streamline and cut costs without sacrificing efficiency. If you thought government and efficiency were two words that never belonged together, artificial intelligence could help change that.

The American Artificial Intelligence Initiative

On February 11, 2019, President Trump launched the American Artificial Intelligence Initiative designed to reaffirm and refocus US efforts in the innovation of artificial intelligence-driven solutions. With federal backing and financial support and the partnerships of both public and private partners, the US remains committed to global leadership in AI development.

  • Promote federal investment in AI-driven initiatives, including non-defense spending
  • Enhance access to high-quality federal data and models
  • Reduce barriers to development, testing, and adoption while ensuring safety
  • Empower both current and future innovators through training programs
  • Promote a global environment of innovation and seek partnerships internationally while protecting US interests
  • Embrace fully AI’s potential to transform government departments and federal infrastructure

Federal agencies are tasked with prioritizing funding and investments in AI R&D. The plan is a coordinated effort to unite all government agencies across the board in the innovation and adoption of AI-initiatives.

Explainable systems are a huge priority for government systems because of their trustworthy nature. While much of artificial intelligence is a mystery even to developers, federal agencies have united under explainable AI to mitigate some of this natural distrust.

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Article Credit: RTI