D365 Customer Insights for Asset Mgmt: More Opportunities

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for Asset Management: Better Data Insights Lead to More (and Better) Opportunities

For asset management firms, succeeding with only basic understanding of clients, advisors and consultants is a thing of the past. To be a successful asset manager, you need to know more than just basic demographics to initiate knowledgeable, proactive decision making when it comes to opportunities. But, how exactly do you do that? Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can take and combine copious amounts of available data and put it to work so you don’t miss out on opportunities or clients.

Gather, Analyze and Gain Important Data Insights with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

If you aren’t familiar with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, we recommend reading our blog post from January 2020 that introduces Customer Insights and six reasons companies should leverage the most important features of this powerful tool.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps to you to gather and import all of your data—from any source—into one location, analyzes that data with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and delivers insights far beyond what is capable by humans (even experienced humans with tribal knowledge). Companies can then take these valuable insights and apply them to sales, marketing, activities and service initiates to personalize engagement.

But, how exactly do asset management firms leverage Customer Insights?

Asset Management Firms Identify Big Tickets with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Thanks to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, gone are the days of limited information about big tickets and wholesalers relying solely on colleagues with extensive tribal knowledge.

To ensure all opportunities and vulnerabilities are being addressed, intermediaries need to target certain wholesalers. Big tickets are an important focus of asset management firms, and Customer Insights provides the tools needed to determine:

  1. The big ticket’s source—even down to the advisor.
  2. If the big ticket is a SELL or a BUY
  3. If that specific trade has been influenced by the wholesaler

Determining these factors is done in various ways including relationship evaluations, examining recent activities with advisors in a given office, and more. Once asset managers have this information, they can choose the next best action. In the case of a BUY, you would show gratitude for their business and go on to investigate potential complimentary strategies with other clients. For a SELL, however, you would indicate a change in strategy or risk of losing wallet share.

This is where Dynamics 365 Customer Insights really shines by merging all of your firm’s data across every source—even your current CRM system—by linking the data sources, and by applying public info to enhance your data. Customer Insights does the work so you can drill down into data, gain the insights you need and make an informed decision on your next course of action. Advisors and offices can view the span of rich data, including transactions over time, wallet share and product types. This powerful tool can even pull in new data–such as life or public events—based on financial accounts or holdings that could affect a given account or holding.

You can even keep your current CRM system and information reporting/display tools with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Talk about a win!

Don’t Miss Opportunities with Customer Insights

Thanks to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you don’t need to guess about what to do with your data; you can easily identify who you need to speak with to prevent missed opportunities or lost clients. And, losing someone with tribal knowledge is no longer a necessary fear.

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Article by: Tom Berger | 212-502-3900

With 20+ years of field experience, Tom Berger is Vice President of Financial Services for AKA Enterprise Solutions.