Forecast made easy- Integrating with ERP/MRP to pull in shipments and backlog

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NEHANET is integrated with many leading ERP/MRP solutions including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Tensoft, Consona, and others. Integrating NEHANET with your ERP is usually straightforward, and adds significant value to your operations. We typically pull in the following information from your ERP: parts master, customer master, actuals (shipments), backlog (requested, committed, delinquent, unscheduled), bookings, and risk orders.

We utilize this information to:

  • Communicate shipments/backlogs: Instead of sharing backlog and shipment information with your reps by sending them an excel spreadsheet once a week with their data or giving access to your ERP, you can make shipment and backlog information available to the larger sales team via our partner portal in real-time. Your reps will have the latest backlog and shipment information on their fingertips, including customer requests vs. commit dates and ship date details. This information is also available in the NEHANET Offline edition.
  • Improve forecast accuracy: Having access to shipment and backlog information in the forecast edit page significantly increases the forecast accuracy. Your sales team will have access to all the critical information they need while they are updating their forecasts. In addition, doing it all in one system significantly improves the efficiency. It also gives you the ability to reconcile shipments and backlog to a specific opportunity.
  • Comprehensive business visibility reports: NEHANET provides reports that combine your forecasts, shipments, backlog (requested, committed, delinquent, and risk orders) and computes Go Gets/Left to book. This report can help drive your sales team to focus on closing the gap for a particular month.

Another point to consider: You can always upload shipments and backlog via Excel and get the above benefits if you don’t want to go with live integration in the beginning. Once you have the details nailed down, then live integration is the next logical progression.

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