Why You Should Integrate your Projects to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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Most companies probably look at sales and operations as two different teams with two different sets of goals, but it’s more important than ever for these two groups to work together. As budgets tighten and delays shorten, estimations have to be even more precise, and the start and end dates have to work with what has already been booked and planned. Gone are the days where projects could slip by months and budgets were in free fall. The vendor has to be more accountable before the sale is even signed so that these restrictions are respected to the best of their ability.

Dynamics 365 Sales is the right product for the sales team to manage their pipeline, opportunities, prospect and clients, but it should also be considered as a tool for those who have projects to manage. Why? The customer remains at the core of the project, providing a true 360° view of your clients and projects currently in progress. Even if projects span multiple groups, all the information is in one place, facilitating the analysis of your different accounts and providing the sales team with better visibility into which projects were a success, which to replicate, and which to avoid. The Dynamics 365 platform also provides tools to help increase user adoption, such as integrated lists and views, contextualized reports and personalized dashboards.

To help with this vision, JOVACO Project allows access to the project information that was initially only accessed by the finance team. This meant that the process was slowed down as the finance team needed to pull the correct report every time a project manager requested it. By bringing this information into Dynamics 365 Sales, members of the organization can obtain the information they need without having to put in a request for it. The platform is in effect a self-service platform from which project managers can review their project reports when they need them.

JOVACO Project also streamlines the project creation process by leveraging the Dynamics 365 business rule features. For example, it automatically updates certain fields in the case of returning clients, and leverages workflows and Microsoft Power Automate to ensure that information is reviewed by the right teams, avoiding corrections or delays when a new project or change order has been signed.

A fully integrated solution is a key element of any project-based business, and as integration specialists, JOVACO has developed the tools to make sure organizations can benefit from the numerous features of Dynamics 365 to help manage their projects. To learn more about how this integration can help your project-centric firm, visit our Project-CRM Connector.

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