Use column comparison in D365 CE/Power Apps/CDS queries

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Observations on new column comparison feature in Dynamics 365

Prashant Kumar Maurya

Microsoft has finally given option to compare two columns while querying data from D365 CE/Power Apps/CDS. Here I am sharing my experiences and examples of how it can be used from various channels

  1. Power Apps UI
  2. Web API
  3. Fetch XML
  4. SDK API (.net)

Power Apps UI: This feature is not yet available in PowerApps UI (Advance Find), hope It will be available soon

Web API: This is a sample example of how you can compare columns of various data types in web API

  1. String field to String field: here is the sample where I compared “firstname” column with “lastname” and “mobilephone” with “telephone1″ and it worked like a charm <a rel=”noreferrer noopener” href=”https://<https://<<YourOrganization>>/api/data/v9.1/contacts?$filter=firstname eq lastname and mobilephone eq telephone1&$select=firstname,lastname
  2. Other data types: I tried other data type field comparisons as mentioned below
    • DateTime – ex. createdon – modifiedon
    • Whole Number (Integer)
    • Option Set (Picklist)
    • Two Options (Boolean)
    • Floating…

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