SharePoint Security & Document Management, 1 Click Undo, Geo-Analytics within PowerApps – Sign up for our exciting July Webinars!

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We are quite excited about this month with a chance to interact with you via three informative webinars. These are power-packed sessions that demonstrate our four robust apps and come with the goodness of how you can leverage the functionality of these apps to derive maximum out of your Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps. As we have vouched to hold sessions regularly that shed a beacon light on how you can maximize the functionality of Dynamics 365 CRM and PowerApps, these sessions are just another attempt in that direction.

Let’s delve deeper and understand how these sessions can revamp your entire business structure.

Register for Click2Undo Webinar – Jul 15, 2020 at 10 AM EST

Click2Undo: There is one requirement that is common to all business processes, i.e. scope to undo data that has been entered in the system. To tend to this requirement we have developed a 1-Click app to undo changes done in a record. Click2Undo is a powerful app that aids in performing hassle-free data entry without worrying about erroneous entries with the ability to undo changes done in a record. You can undo history changes and undo changes in bulk of records in one go!

Register for our Maplytics Webinar – July 23, 2020 at 05:15 PM (Brisbane time)
Presented by MVP Roohi Shaikh (CEO, Inogic)

Maplytics: Maplytics is a market-leading flagship app of Inogic, Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD). This webinar will throw a spotlight on how Maplytics extracts locational insights from Dynamics 365 CRM data to plot, plan and analyze the map presence of data. With Maplytics organizations have revamped their geographical presence and improved their client base with targeted marketing campaigns and improving their area of service. Maplytics is largely used for its features Territory Management, Appointment Planning, Radius Search, Optimized Routing and drill down visualization of Dynamics 365 data with Map Controls and Dashboards.

Register for Attach2Dynamics and SharePoint Security Sync Webinar – Jul 23, 2020 at 11 AM EST

Attach2Dynamics + SharePoint Security Sync: This webinar is a combo of our two robust apps Attach2Dynamics and SharePoint Security Sync. Attach2Dynamics provides seamless integration of cloud storages – SharePoint, Dropbox & Azure Blob Storage with Dynamics 365 CRM and performs multiple actions on Dynamics 365 attachments on these cloud storages. With the help of Attach2Dynamics you can drag and drop, upload, download, view, delete and perform other actions on attachments in all three cloud storages. With SharePoint Security Sync being an advanced version of Attach2Dynamics, in addition to attachment management, it provides you the same level of data security in SharePoint that you enjoy in Dynamics 365 CRM by synchronizing security model between the systems.

So what are you waiting for! Quickly register for these sessions and take away maximum goodness of CRM from these apps that advance the functionality of Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps. Come join us and let’s embark on a learning journey.

Ciao and Please Stay Safe!