Better Designer Views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with the use of Power Apps — Get Excited!

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The popularity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is continuing to grow and the developers at Microsoft are making improvements that push the boundaries of the CRM system.

Check out these new upgrades that the designers at Microsoft are making. Yes, as consultants at JourneyTEAM we were a little worried that the View Designer was going to get left behind. The good news, it looks like Microsoft went above and beyond and made the Views in Dynamics 365 even better.


As Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said – “Data is the electricity that runs an organization.” Dynamics 365 CRM views are important because they allow you to consume that data. Views allow you to pull out ANY detailed information and filter down results to your specific need.

In other CRM systems you have to create custom reports which can take hours to build. The magic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is they use Views—which can be built in a matter of minutes.



In the past, the legacy view editor in Dynamics 365 CRM had a clunky interface. It had outdated images and the views were not accessible to all users. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, (in use with Power Apps) allowed you to create system views — but not personal views. This sucked. This meant that only system admins could use the view designer to create custom system views.


Microsoft spent a lot of time building out the View Designer. It was a difficult process and they did it very well. For Microsoft designers to achieve this they would have had to rebuild the designer on top of all new joins and relationships. In short, it looks like it was a very complicated process.

The end result looks much better. The new View Designer is leveraging the Power Apps interface to create a practical and effortless way of interaction with your data. This will allow any user to feel like a pro when building out their custom views.


  • Updated UI and UX – Now you can easily read fields, updated icons, and Dynamics 365 has tooltips to improve functionality.
  • Click and Drag fields – This is self-explanatory but it makes it easy to build out your custom views.
  • Avoid Confusion – Now you can separate primary fields and related entities to avoid confusion. In the past when you were building out this view you had a list of all of the fields on your primary entity. It was a difficult process to get information.

Now it’s a really easy process. For example, if you look up an account Contact’s Primary Phone Number you can click over to Contact and pull in required fields of information.

  • Preview of Data. Legacy had 2 different modes – Create and Run. You used to have fields with duplicate names. You couldn’t see results due to the view. You couldn’t see the Run report till the end. Now the data has a preview so you can see data exactly as you are building it. (Awesome)

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Article by: Dave Bollard – Head of Marketing | 801-436-6636

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