Reach the Unreachables: Best Sales Prospecting Tools

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Using the top sales prospecting tools of 2020 is like getting your hands on the SCAR assault rifle in a Fortnite game. 

You are ready for whatever situation life throws at you, exceed your rivals by far, and move from level to level with confidence and flying colors.

The best thing is: you don’t have to fight and kill to get them. You can be a total noob and wield them just like pros; moreover, many of them have a free version.

Below is Nimble’s recommended set of sales prospecting apps that are easy to master and are must-haves for salespeople in 2020.

Tools For Sales Prospecting: Selection Criteria

Nimble CRM helps hundreds of thousands of sales pros the world over to prospect every day. Our CRM software is on the top of Capterra’s best CRM software chart. Nimble Customer Relations Management software is part of the Zapier integration offers, so all the data can easily be integrated with 1500+ other sales apps. 

We have analyzed the integrations our top-performing clients have and came up with this comprehensive list of the best prospecting tools for sales.

22 Best Sales Prospecting Tools for 2020 to Reach The Unreachables

Sales prospecting software is gaining traction with the global sales intelligence market forecasted to grow to $3.8 billion by 2025. 

It’s easy to get lost in such a scope of offering in the niche of sales intelligence software, so here comes your guide:

Building a targeted prospect list


The LinkedIn free version is a must-have for any professional who cares about building a career and network. It’s the #1 platform on the entire internet for a sales pro though.

After all, LinkedIn has 610 million users with almost half of them being active, 90 million are senior-level influencers. You must have heard a thing or two about the Fortune 500 companies. 92%of those use Linked In.

Even with the free version of this amazing software for salespeople, you can reach pretty much anybody.

**Pro tip: if you get a lock icon next to the “Message” button, try the “More” button with 3 dots, and choose the “Contact” option.**


LinkedIn is somewhat overcrowded these days with all the lead generating efforts, so make sure you craft your message in a personal, engaging way that suggests reciprocal benefits.


Pricing: $119 per user per month

Capterra Profile & Reviews: NinjaOutreach

While NinjaOutreach is more of a marketing tool initially, designed to reach influencers and collaborate with them, it’s Twitter bios search is very handy for sales department prospecting. You can use keywords pertaining to their professional titles and industries to find the right contacts.


Pricing: free

The great news about Quora is that it’s free and helpful even without an account.

Quora is a question and answer platform with pretty strict moderation in place. So, it’s not as spammy and actually has high-quality content & advice on any subject.

Indeed, you can find prospects without as much as creating an account by simply analyzing who upvoted or commented on a question pertaining to your field of expertise.

But to present your company as an expert in the field, it’s great to get yourself an account registered and provide a few professional replies to the top questions of your specialization. 

This is a relatively easy and 100% free way to get in front of hundreds of eyes of your potential clients.


Pricing: Free version is available. CrunchBase Pro: $29 per user per month billed annually.

CrunchBase Pro is great for prospecting, finding investors as well as for conducting market research.

The database features companies with contact data and social media links, funding rounds, investors, and more.

nimble crm and crunchbase

nimble crm and crunchbase


Pricing: Limited data for free. Target: with 3 profiles connected 29 per month.

If your clients are in the Americas or Europe (the happy habitat of Twitter users), you will appreciate the power of the FollowerWonk for sure.

The sales prospecting system allows users to search for Twitter user profiles via keywords, targeting their job titles and industries, as well as compare profiles. Users also get access to analytics and tracking modules.

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Searching for emails

Prospect contact search is no easy mission. Corporations learned to guard their top managers against spam offers by most complicated initial + position combinations as well as by means of utilizing top spam ware.

These contact & email search software will come in handy when trying to find anybody’s email address:


Pricing: Prospecting from $49 per month. Enrich plan allows 1-time email list enrichment of 500 emails at just $20.

VoilaNorbert helps users:

  • To do prospecting by helping find contact data based on company and role 

  • Clean email database so that your sender score is high and your email marketing karma is squeaky clean with improved deliverability.

  • Enrich your current email database with additional info like company, role, social media, location.




Pricing: Starts with $5 a month for 100 email credits

With the slogan: “Your funnel has never been this full”, SellHack sure offers the sought-after tool for any salesman. This email prospecting software helps to find an email as well as has the module to help verify the email list for the best deliverability.



BuzzStream Buzzmarker

Pricing: starting with $24 a month for 1000 contacts and 2 users.

This platform mines and saves account contact data when you visit websites or perform a Google search. It’s very user-friendly and, on top of contact info discovery function, also has email templates, tracking, and follow-up capabilities.


Pricing: Starting at $19/mo

Nimble Prospector is a browser extension that helps you manage contacts everywhere you work: in your email inbox, social platforms, business apps, and on any website.

Use Nimble Prospector while on any social site, website, or cloud application to create and enrich contact records. Prospector enriches contact details such as email, phone, company name, job title, and location.

[embedded content]

Email Hunter []

Pricing: the free version is available. Paid feature from $49 a month is not as versatile as the previous software solutions. It basically can help you perform a Domain search, serve as an email finder, and [bulk] verify your email database.

Email tools & software

Once a salesperson gets their hands on email contact data, it’s time to send their outreach. In the best-case scenario, you will have the option to segment, track, and get analytics from your emails.

Let’s see some of the useful systems to manage your email flow in the most efficient manner:

Nimble CRM

Pricing: A free 2-week trial is available. Flat $19 per user per month on an annual plan.

Well, it’s our list and we are one of the best CRMs with email software solutions out there, according to Capterra

Being social networking based, with Nimble salespeople are always pertinent and never stuck for an icebreaker. Customization, reporting, tracking open rate, segmenting your contacts all help your prospecting to go smooth and efficient.

Integrations with over 200 apps make the tool a great asset to your tech stack and allow data to flow freely in-between.


Pricing: free for 10 mail credits, Personal: 4.99 / month, Pro: $14.99 per month

A Google product that basically puts your Gmail on steroids. It is available for the Gmail account and Outlook.

This service has a few helpful features:

  • Email scheduling [you can program to send an email at a later time, send a recurring email or remind to send follow up if not replied].
  • Email tracking & response tracking options.
  • Boomerang Respondable feature will help compose grammatically correct messages that are styled according to your purpose.
  • You can even pause your entire inbox for some time.


Pricing: Personal $10 per month, Standard: $45 per month.

If you need to send a pitch deck to potential investors, an offer to a client, or a contract for signing, DocSend is a good way to start.

The service offers secure document sharing in a link format instead of heavy attachments via unprotected channels, documents analytics as well as the possibility to acquire signatures.


Pricing: the free version is amazing. Premium starts at $19.98 per month if billed quarterly.

Grammarly is a unicorn company, that is a staple with anybody who uses English for written business communication.

Its main function is [surprise, surprise!] to check your Grammar, spelling, word choice, and punctuation. It also has plagiarism checker and tone detector features.

Available for free for Safari and used by 20 million people worldwide.

Tools to qualify prospects

Detective.IO by Charlie

This sales intelligence software solution helps your sales to go through a ton of publicly available data on a prospect, so that sales can focus on selling, not going through 100 tabs to be relevant.

The app helps to create email communication that is likely to resonate with a client and be personalized. This solution gives a wealth of data points on a company and its competitors to provide plenty of expert talking points and icebreakers for negotiations.


Pricing: Free version available, Solo at $25 for 2 alerts and u to 300 mentions.

With ¾ of a million marketers using this media monitoring and competitive analysis tool, it’s safe to say, Mention is a fundamental weapon in the arsenal of many customer-focused brands.

Social media monitoring across all channels (so it includes Twitter tracking, Facebook tracking, and Instagram tracking) takes brand management to a new level. Wanna listen in to your competitors’ audience? Who doesn’t?

Google Alerts

Pricing: free.

A real simple tool to monitor internet mentions of your brand.

Users can choose sources, languages, and regions among other settings. The results will come in as often as you program them into your Gmail account.

google alerts

google alerts

Sales Intelligence Tools


This sales intelligence tool is no cheap alternative. The database is mostly focused on the Scandinavia countries too with UK and France databases available only in the beta mode.

Extensive sales prospecting, data enrichment & alignment features, account scoring, and target market analysis make it a high demand tool even with that hefty price tag. 


This sophisticated software for salesmen has a few functionalities that will make prospecting a breeze for any sales team.

On top of regular contact intelligence suite, the company also deanonymizes website traffic, allowing the team to see which companies visited it and even alerting respective account managers to the visits of prospects.



Social media management software

Buffer by Hootsuite

Pricing: Publish solutions start at $15 and Analyze from $35 monthly.

A strong social media presence is a given for a brand of any size. The best thing about it is that this is where customers are off guard and their brand loyalty can be created with an extent of eagerness.

Buffer by Hootsuite is one of the most complete all-in-one tools for social media management. It’s one of the most known scheduling tools out there with extensive features like story planner, hashtag planner, Instagram tagging, and more.


Pricing: the free version is available. Premium is $44.99 per annum.

The idea of GetPocket is simple: we all come across lots of fun and useful content at the wrong time. Pocket allows users to save and bookmark content from all over the web for your further reading and re-distribution.


Pricing: Free version is available. Pro starts at $9.95 per user per month if billed annually.

Canva is one of the indispensable tools to quickly create a graphic design without Photoshop skills.

The free version is pretty versatile with lots of free templates, so starting is really easy. If you need a pretty post for your Instagram or a neatly looking flyer for your new offer – Canva can help. No Photoshop skills? No problem.


There are quite some great free sales prospecting tools on this list. There are some great outright expensive sales software solutions here too.

Don’t feel like paying a big buck at this point but wanna boost your prospecting efforts?

Nimble CRM is only $19 per user per month when paying annually. Best news? You can try it free without as much as a credit card for 2 weeks

Let’s get that pipeline exploding with new business.