Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 2020 Release Wave 1

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 receives automatic updates to its functionality based on user feedback and an on-going expansion of existing functionality. The first wave of this year’s updates began in April and will continue through September.

Here are the existing and upcoming updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Asset Management

  • Business events uptake for asset management (Apr 3)
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service integration with asset management (Apr 3)
  • Fixed assets integration with Asset Management lifecycle (Apr 3)
  • Visual scheduling for work orders in Asset Management (Apr 3)


  • Compare item price storage (Apr 3)


  • Inventory on-hand report storage (May 26)

IoT intelligence

  • IoT intelligence core insights (Apr 15)


  • Improved job card device (Apr 3)
  • New data entities for the manufacturing area (May 1)
  • Report as finished on batch numbers from the job card device (May 26)
  • Allow locking the job card touchscreen for sanitization (Jul 2020)


  • Master planning includes items with on-hand inventory when pre-processing filters are enabled (Apr 3)
  • Planning Optimization support for purchase trade agreements (Jul 2020)


  • Customer portal for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (Jun 2020)

Public sector

  • Add Quantity ordered field to the Posting product receipt page (Aug 2020)

Trade and source

  • Sales order operator efficiency – distribution (TBD)
  • Country of origin enhancements (Apr 3)
  • External catalog enhancements (Apr 3)
  • Hazardous materials product information management (Apr 3)
  • Hazardous materials shipping documentation (Apr 3)
  • Miscellaneous charges enhancements (Apr 3)
  • Purchase order delivery via cXML (Apr 3)
  • Calculate PO delivery date based on lead times and working days (public sector) (Apr 6)
  • Delegation of multiple purchasing work items (Sep 2020)

Warehouse management and transportation

  • Catch weight product processing with warehouse management (Apr 3)
  • Inbound and outbound logistics improvements (Apr 3)
  • Enhancement to use existing catch weight tags with warehouse management (Apr 10)
  • Label printing enhancements for warehouse management (Apr 10)
  • Mass deployment for warehousing app (Apr 30)
  • Inbound load management enhancement (May 26)
  • License plate receiving enhancements for the warehousing app (May 26)
  • Line reservation enhancements for the batch number reservation form (May 26)
  • Capture product variants and tracking dimensions in the warehousing app during load item receiving (Jul 2020)
  • License plate receiving enhancements for the warehousing app (continued) (Jul 2020)
  • Maximum execution time for the warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup job (Jul 2020)

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