5 Most-used Blockchain Tools In 2020 For Blockchain Development

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Blockchain Tools

Blockchain Tools- With the ongoing pandemic, there is an expected rise in demand for blockchain as cybersecurity becomes vital. With people shifting their entire business to digital, this technology will soar as per the prediction that India will have the highest number of blockchain adoptions by 2023. To get a better perspective on how blockchain is developed, here are 5 tools that have been used persistently in 2020 for development.

Blockchain as a service (BaaS)

2020 recorded that most companies have been using a BaaS model since having a full-fledged blockchain solution developed did not seem practical. For companies that are low on budget or lack of technical expertise, this form of service suits them best. Cloud infrastructure can be easily integrated with blockchain functions and apps to keep it operational. Microsoft Azure, SAP, and AWS are some of the companies that provide Blockchain as a service.


Popularly called a browser extension, Metamask is a wallet that connects the ethereum blockchain with the browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. It has the ability to interact with different Ethereum test networks which can be useful for blockchain developers. The platform will let you other ERC-20 assets along with Ether on your browser.


The whole aim of a Truffle is to make the job of a developer much easier. It is a testing framework that comes with binary management, contract compilation, linking, and deployment. Adding to this, it also helps a developer perform custom builds by providing configurable pipeline.


The entire purpose of this tool is to give converted, readable scripts for Ethereum Virtual Machine. Solidity command line is written in C++ which needs to be converted to JavaScript so that the EVM can understand it. This tool can be used for compiling offline as well.

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