Tips For Managing A Successful Remote ERP Implementation

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Successful ERP Implementation

Successful ERP Implementation- At a time when many businesses are being forced to pause or slow down operations, many of our customers are shipping more product than ever. Our company produces enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for global manufacturers and distributors. The supply chain leaders we partner with are working hard to keep their raw materials arriving and their production staff in place to keep up with orders – all while juggling family life and remote work challenges.

Customers that had been planning ERP implementations this year are now wondering if their projects are feasible. The most common questions we are hearing include: Is this the right time to take on a complex internal initiative? Is it even possible to complete an ERP project remotely, without any of your team members coming on site? And if so, how?

Since we already did the majority of our implementation work remotely before this crisis, we have been able to easily adapt our processes and guide companies through successful, fully remote ERP software launches.

If your company is considering managing an ERP implementation soon, here are some of the most valuable lessons we have learned in recent months.

Understand Your Team’s Bandwidth

Every company is different, and only your team can determine if now is the right moment to upgrade your ERP software. It will require an initial investment of dollars, time and resources, but done right, it will streamline all of your operations, from formulation and product development through production, shipping, warehousing, sales and accounting.

Before making a decision to move forward with an ERP project, be certain that you have a good understanding of your team’s bandwidth to take on the project. What will your team’s capacity be for taking on additional duties? Who will lead the project? Some companies are finding that with large portions of their team working from home, many people have more time available for infrastructure projects. Doing a project like this now can ensure that your company is well positioned for growth when the world ultimately returns to more normal times.

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