The async operation was skipped because the org is in ‘Disable Background Processing’ mode

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Recently we came across this error at a customer site. We had them come back to us stating their workflows did not fire.

Disable Background Processing

For On-Premises deployments, it would have always been to first check if the Async services were running but for Online, we couldn’t control the services could we?

While for Production environments, we cannot control the async services, for sandbox environments, we do have the option to enable or disable background operations (async operations) if we set the environment in administrative mode

Once in administrative mode, the environment is only accessible to System Administrators and System Customizers. Generally used when you are setting up a new environment or in the process of updating an environment and do not want general users to login to the system

To set an environment to administrative mode, follow the steps below

1. Navigate to the Power Platform Admin Center at

2. From the environments list, choose the environment that is of the type “Sandbox”

Disable Background Processing

3. Click Edit to bring up the Setting screen where you could set up the admin mode options

Disable Background Processing

Next time you have someone complain about Async jobs including flows not processing, you might want to check for this setting in their environment.